Happy Father's Day / 2 generations, Henry Frederick Jr & son, 1964, Henry Frederick III & son, 1995 / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there around the world for today is a day of personal reflection.

Being a father to a son (or daughter) is far from easy. Being a son (or daughter) to a father is from easy, too.

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Proclamation City of Oak Hill, FL

Oak Hill, FL proclamation for 5th anniversary Headline Surfer / Headline Surfer

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Florida Press Club 2015 Journalism Awards: Breaking News Writing -- "Bail set at $1.2 million for pregnant mom who drove van into Daytona Beach surf with 3 kids inside" by Henry Frederick, HeadlineSurfer.com...

Florida Press Club 2015 Journalism Awards: Breaking News Writing -- "Edgewater cops shoot and kill confrontational man wielding butcher knife after tasering him has no impact," by Henry Frederick, HeadlineSurfer.com...

Florida Press Club 2015 Journalis Awards: Breaking News Writing -- "VCSO: Port Orange father guns down his 3 kids then kills himself after wife runs next door" by Henry Frederick, HeadlineSurfer.com...

Florida Press Club 2015 Journalism Awards: Sports Feature Writing -- "Remembering ESPN anchor Stuart Scott: Personality resonates in story telling" by Henry Frederick, HeadlineSurfer.com...

Florida Press Club 2015 Journalism Awards: Sports Feature Writing -- "Shaq inducted into Magic Hall of Fame; regrets leaving 'City Beautiful' for Hollywood glitz & glamour" by Henry Frederick, HeadlineSurfer.com...

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Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet news provider serving the Daytona Beach, Sanford & Orlando metro areas via Headline Surfer.com

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett's Mercedes was wrecked duriung carjacking / Headline Surfer®

Sanford carjacking susperct / Headline Surfer®Carjacking suspect / Headline Surfer®SANFORD, Fla. -- While two teens are in jail, Sanford cops are looking for a third allegedly involved in early Saturday's armed carjacking of Mayor Jeff Triplett when one of them asked him, "Got a light?" before sticking a gun in his face and threatening to kill him unless he handed his keys and wallet.

Big 3 of Hope Place: Volusia County Manager Jim Dinneen

SIDEBAR / Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet news provider serving the Daytona Beach, Sanford & Orlando metro areas via Headline Surfer.com

Daytona homeless family shelter / Jim Dinneen, Forough Hosseini, Mark Geallis / Headline Surfer®
Third of three sidebars included in second of 10-part investigative reporting series that takes the public into the plight of homeless families with children and of teens living on their own (ages 18-21 & in school living either apart from parents or with none at all) in greater Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County); and the big three leaders who did something about it by Pushing for Hope Place -- Mark Geallis, executive director of Halifax Urban Ministries; Forough Hosseini, vice president of ICI Homes & a community entrepreneur; and Jim Dinneen, Volusia County manager. These are their stories...

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Perhaps it was destined that a municipal city manager in Ohio would have an impact on a Central Florida metro area whose key city has one more letter at the end of its name than the one he left a decade ago in Ohio.

Vernon Burton re-elected without opposition in Lake Helen; 2 newcomers vie for open seat

QUALIFYING / Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet news provider serving the Daytona Beach, Sanford & Orlando metro areas via Headline Surfer.com

Party Lines Political Notebook / Headline Surfer®
Vernon Burton was re-elected for another 2 years on the Lake Hen City Commission when no one else qualified / Headline Surfer®Jim Connell of Lake Helen / Headline Surfer®Daisy Raisler candidate for Lake Helen commission seat / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® /
Vernon Burton, shown far left,  continues public service in his zone 2 commission seat for another two years. Jim Cornell and Daisy Raiser will vie for the zone 4 seat that incumbent Tura Schnebly opted not to seek re-election for in the 2016 elections.

LAKE HELEN, Fla. -- Zone 2 Commissioner Vernon Burton got a free pass to-re-election when no one else put in qualifying papers by the noon Friday deadline and so he will serve another two years when his current term expires after November's election.

It's not as if Burton would have likely had any trouble holding onto his seat, judging by how well he did two years ago, easily defeating Ernie Deboliac. Burton captured 61.39 percent of the votes in the 2014 general election, 639 to Deboliac's 403.

2 incumbents return to Ponce Inlet Town Council

Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet news provider serving the Daytona Beach, Sanford & Orlando metro areas via Headline Surfer.com

Party Lines Political Notebook / Headline Surfer®
Joe Perrone / Headline Surfer®Bill Milano / Ponce Inlet / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® /
Joseph Perrone and Bill Milano(l to r) have each won another two years in office in Ponce Inlet without opposition.

PONCE INLET, Fla. -- Joseph Perrone didn't have to look over his shoulder in his re-election bid on the Ponce Inlet Town Council.

That's because neither Perrone nor his colleague, Bill Milano, had any opposition when the noon deadline Friday for qualifying had come and gone, for their respective elective offices, seats 4 and 2.

2 incumbents re-elected without opposition in Pierson
Party Lines Political Notebook / Headline Surfer®

Pierson, Florida, ferncapital of the world / Headline Surfer®PIERSON, FLA. -- Two incumbents who are fern growers were returned to office here in Pierson, known as the "Fern Capital of the World," when no challengers emerged by the noon Friday deadline for qualifying.

As such, re-elected without opposition for another four years were seat 4 Councilman Samuel G.S. Bennett and seat 5 Councilman Herbert J. Bennett.

Endorsed for Volusia County clerk of the court: Republican Laura Roth embodiment of leadership, experience & passion

ELECTIONS 2016 / Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet news provider for the Daytona Beach, Sanford & Orlando metro areas via Headline Surfer.com

Laura Roth endorsed for Volusia County, FL% Clerk of the Court / Headline Surfer®
Laura Roth, Republican, endorsed for Volusia County Clerk of the Court / Headline Surfer®
Headline Surfer® video / The internet news provider has created a tribute slide show presentation as part of its endorsement of Laura Roth, who will likely become the elected Clerk of the Circuit Court when qualifying ends at noon today with no opposition expected.

DAYTONA BEACH, FLa. -- It's a fait accompli that Republican Laura Roth will be the clerk of the court-nominee when qualifying ends at noon today. That's because she'll likely be unopposed unless someone files last minute.

Florida Press Club honors Daytona Beach internet journalist Henry Frederick with 1st place award for breaking news

Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper serving the Daytona Beach/Orlando metropolitan area of Central Florida via HeadlineSurfer.com

Former metro newspaper reporter among Sunshine State's most decorated in past four years with 11 overall awards for 25 stories, three blogs & top online news site with use of social media

Henry Frederick with firsat place breaking news award from Florida Press Club / Headline Surfer®Port Orange father killing hide kids wins 1st place Florida Press Club award / Headline Surfer®Woman driving SUV into Daytona Beach suef with kids inside wins 1st place breaking news award / Headline Surfer®Edgewater cops gunning down man wins 1st place award / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- One reporter was recognized by the Sunshine State's most competitive journalism organization for excellence in breaking news coverage for three Central Florida deadline stories that made national headlines.

Henry Frederick, publisher of HeadlineSurfer.com received first place in the category of "Breaking News" for three of the biggest and most shocking dealine stories of 2015 in the Daytona-Beach-Orlando metro region:

• The Port Orange father who gunned down his three kids execution-style before blowing his own brains out;

• The pregnant South Xarolina mom who tried to drown her three children by deliberately driving her SUV into the Daytona Beach surf before she jumped out;

• Two Edgewater cops who shot and killed a knife-wielding man after tasers had no impact.

And Frederick received a second place award from the Florida Press Club in the category of "Sports Feature Writing."

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. pledges brain to science after passing

MOTORSPORTS / Headline Surfer® is the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper serving greater Daytona Beach-Orlando metro region via HeadlineSurfer.com

Dale Earnhardt Jr to donate brain to science / Headline Surfer®Dale Earnhardt Jr will donate brain to scien ce / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is taking a page from the stars of the NFL -- past and present: He's donating his brain to science upon his passing, which he called a "no brainer."

At 41, NASCAR's most popular driver and winner of the 2004 and 2014 Daytona 500 races, has pledged to donate his brain for concussion research when he dies, SB Nation has reported in a March 27 story headlined, "Dale Earnhardt Jr. to donate brain for concussion research."

993. Carlos Pardo declared winner posthumously after crashing into barrier in NASCAR Mexican race in 2009

TOP 1,000 MOTORSPORT CRASHES / Headline Surfer is the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper in New Smyrna Beach serving greater Daytona Beach via Headline Surfer.com

WORST of the Worst motorsports crashes / Headline Surfer®
Multimedia compilation of the "WORST of the Worst: Motorsport Crashes" captured on video or still images, with an emphasis on reminding fans, the corporate entities that sanction the events on safety & the need for constant vigilance in keeping drivers, crew members, emergency workers, and especially spectators, safe at racing events around the globe.
Carlos Pardo was killed in a NASCAR-sanctioned race in Mexico in 2009

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Carlos Pardo, 33, a driver in NASCAR's Corona Series in Mexico, died Sunday, June 14, 2009, after crashing while leading on the final laps during a race held at the Autodromo Miguel E. Abed Amozoc in the Mexican state of Pueblo.

Community Spotlight

Esther Street Park, New Smyrna Beach, Fla / Headline Surfer®Photo for Headline Surfer® /
Ester Street Park on the beachside is among nearly two dozen scenic parks in New Smyrna Beach that are available for adoption in terms of keeping clean and allowing for signage recognizing the commitment.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Nearly two dozen city parks are up for adoption as part of a new program launched by the City of New Smyrna Beach. From small, 1-acre pocket parks to larger waterfront public areas with playgrounds, individuals and groups may sign up to clean up a park for one year.

Latest Blog

Shane Porter's picture

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- One of the most frustrating issues surrounding addictions is understanding them.

Darlene Vann's picture
Musings columnist Darlene Vann / Headline SurferHeadline Surfer community columnist Darlene Vann, shown here, reflects in her 'Musings' the violence seen on cable news about terrorist attacks in far away places like France and Belgium are now happening on our own home front -- Orlando.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- One always thinks tragedy won’t strike anywhere near, but the terrorist attack in Orlando by a "lone wolf" gunman who shot and killed 49 people and wounding 53 more in a gay nightclub proves to those of us here in Central Florida how wrong an assumption that is.

Darlene Vann's picture

Donald Trump / Headline Surfer®EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Here we go again folks: Donald Trump used every trick in the book to convince disenfranchised Republicans that he was a "man of the people" by telling the legion of these disgruntled,voters just what they wanted to hear.

Stetson ranked 9th nationally in collegiate beach volleyball

Stetson's Samantha Harris has Stetson volleyball ranked 9th / Headline Surfer®DELAND, Fla. -- The Stetson beach volleyball team, led by Samantha Harris, is ranked 9th in the nation in this week's AVCA Top 10 coaches poll. Stetson (18-6, 5-1 A-Sun) will visit Mercer (8-9, 2-4) today for its final two Atlantic Sun Conference dual matches of the season.

If the Hatters sweep, they will clinch a share of the regular season conference title and earn the No. 1 seed for the conference championship, April 22-24 in Emerson, Ga.


Posted Wed, 2016-03-30 12:09



HeadlineSurfer.com Hall of Fame: Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach / Headline Surfer®

Heradline Surfer® Hall of Famers (inaugural Class of 2016): • Frank Bruno, 1st Volusia County chair • Ted Doran, private attorney & Volusia County School Board counsel; • Joyce Cusack, at-large Volusia County Councilwoman & former state rep; • Melody McSorley Johnson, Volusia County School Board vice chair; • Webster Barnaby, ex-Deltona commissioner; • Tia Lina McDonald, model; • Margie Patchett, Volusia Tax Reform director; • Bethune-Cookman University • Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson; • Suzanne Kosmas, ex-congresswoman; • Derrick Henry, Daytona Beach mayor; Nahum Litt, NSB Shadow blog site; Kem McNair, surfer; • Joshua J. Wagner, Volusia County Councilman; • Daniel Eckert, Volusia County attorney; 


Villanova won its second national college baskettball championship in 31 years with a 3-point buzzer beater by Kris Jenkins to give the Wildcats a 77-74 win over Nortth Carolina in Houston.

Nobody was more stunned than Villanova head coach Jay Wright, who picked up his first national title: “I just think it was so exciting to watch, both teams making great plays. In a national championship game, to hit a shot at the buzzer, I mean, I haven't seen many better than that.”

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Video highlights: • Allies celebrate end of World War II;
• Indians holding hamlet of Wounded Knee surrender;
• Coca-Cola invented.

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2nd place, Henry Frederick
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3rd place, Henry Frederick
-- 2006 NE Press Assn, Enterprise Rep./Pub Safety, Safety in Our Schools,1st, Taunton Daily Gazette.
-- 2005 NE Press Assn, Env Reporting, Pipeline Hell,1st pl, J. James/Henry Frederick, Taunton Daily Gazette.
-- 2005 Suburban Newspapers of America, Inv Journalism, Pipeline Hell, 1st pl, J James/Henry Frederick, TDG.
-- 2004 Society of Prof Journalists, Florida Ch. Invest Reporting, Silent Cries, 2nd pl, Henry Frederick / DCircelli, Daytona Beach News-Journal.
-- 2004 Soc of Newspaper Editors, Invest Div, Silent Cries, hon mention, Henry Frederick / D Circelli, DBNJ.
-- 2004 Society of Prof Journalists, Fla Ch., breaking news, hon mention, Community mourns death of longtime area educator, Henry Frederick/L Trimble, DBNJ.
-- 2003, Soc of Prof Journalists, Fla Ch, 1st pl, Lawsuit monopoly justifies splitting up NASCAR, H Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 2003 Soc of Prof Journ, Fla Ch, 2nd pl, break news, The execution of Aileen Wuornos, Henry Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 2003 Fla Press Club, 2nd pl, exc in gen news writing, Property takeover may change boardwalk, Unusual cases re-ignite legal arguments on Miranda rights & Word on the street: Few police, Henry Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 2003 Fla Soc of Newspaper Editors, 3rd pl, Lawsuit: monopoly justifies splitting up NASCAR, HFrederick, DBNJ.
-- 2002 Soc of Professional Journalists, Fla Ch, 3rd pl, breaking news, Brothers on trial, Henry Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 2002, Fla Press Club, 3rd pl, exc in gen news writing, Spring Break: Collision Course, Lawsuit: Monopoly justifies splitting up NASCAR," & Behavior nets police chief two-week unpaid suspension, HFrederick, DBNJ.
-- 1998 Soc of Prof Journ, Fla Ch, 2nd pl, break news, Little boy: He shot and killed my friend, H Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 1998 Soc of Professional Journalists, Fla Ch, hon men, James K. Batten Award for Public Service, Spring Hill, Henry Frederick, DBNJ.
-- 1992 NY State AP, spot news, hon mention, Two charged in gas station slaying, HFrederick, The Journal-News.

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