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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Today I feel like, Stop the World: I want to get off of it.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- I recently read a media report that the 118-year-old statue commemorating Stephen Foster’s “Oh, Susannah,” has been removed due to people complaining it portrays the level of the black man is below the white man.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- With President Trump having ordered military strikes against Syria in response to Assad gassing his own people, I wonder why anyone would actually think we as a people would survive all-out nuclear war should it come to that.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- This is my first Easter without my Mom.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Awhile back I was looking at the pictures of the students who walked out.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Since the school shooting in Broward County on Valentine's Day, I have been trying to think of what can or should be done to stop these things from happening, but I am at a loss.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Today marks 10 days since my Mom’s departure from this earth.

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Thank God the hurricane and loss of electricity is finally over.