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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Let's be real about this: The Daytona Beach News-Journal justifies the Waverly Media investigation led by outside counsel Jonathan Kaney, Jr., for one reason, and one reason only: Its bottom line in advertising revenue. The advertising the county does with Halifax Media, the ownership of the News-Journal, is the dirty little secret Volusia County keeps under wraps.

Henry & Sera Frederick with yorkie "Napoleon" in Sanford, FL / Headline Surfer®SANFORD, Fla. -- It has been a great Thanksgiving weekend here in Central Florida, though a little on the cooler side. But it sure beats that snowstorm my family and friends got hammered with in the Northeast.

My wife, Serafina, and I had Thanksgiving with her mom and two siblings and their families in nearby Lake Mary, here in Seminole County. 

Marcia Frederick, 1978 gold medal gymnast related to internet newspaper publisher Henry Frederick / Headline SurferDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- More and more people in recent months have asked me if Anna Frederick and Marcia Frederick are my sisters since both regularly post responses on my Facebook pages dealing with my trials and tribulations as journalist and publisher of the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper here in Central Florida, HeadlineSurfer.com.

Anna Marie (Moreira) Frederick, 10/30/1930 to 8/27/2003, mother of internet news publisher Henry Frederick / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- We always remembered my mother's birthday because it fell on Oct. 30, the day before Halloween.

If she were alive today, she'd be 75 years old. She died 11 years ago on Aug. 27, on my Dad's birthday. It's also the same birthday as my wife Serafina's mother.

Henry Frederick and his son, Henry Frederick, IV, on eve of turning 21 / Headline Surfer®SANFORD, Fla. -- My son turns 21 on Thursday. Little Henry, as I've called him through the years, is 1,200 miles away from me in Central Connecticut -- having made his way in the world a little more than a year ago on his own terms. Sort of.

GOPers bash Charlie Crist for governor / Headline Surfer® / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH -- Right or wrong, Charlie Crist is vilified by the Republican Party of Florida for the ills of the Sunshine State during his tenure as governor from 2007-2011.

There's a graphic the Florida GOP has put out in social media with Crist's image on it, withe statistics on the state's economy, prompting Volusia County GOP Chair Tony Ledbetter to write on Facebook, "This is Charlie Crist’s record. Does he really think Florida needs this again?"

DAYTONA BEACH -- Let me be perfectly clear about this: HeadlineSurfer.com will have  a say-so in the Nov. 4 elections in Volusia County. This is the age of the internet and digital media has arrived. And our endorsements are well read. 

Surfers love the World's Most Famous Beach in Daytona / Headline SurferDaytona International Speedway, home of the Daytona 500 / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH -- For some reason, I feel energized on this Thursday morning after crossing the St. Johns Bridge from Sanford into Volusia County. Perhaps it's the warm Florida sun. After all, one of the things we Floridians love is the sunshine.

Stanley Escudero, retired career diplomat had a column with HeadlineSurfer.com / Headline Surfer®Stanley Escudero email to Councilwoman Deb Denys / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH -- It was a year ago this month that Headline Surfer® faced its greatest challenge.  

DAYTONA BEACH -- There is a lot of ground to cover in terms of getting our endorsements published before the Tuesday primary, which is less than 24 hours from now.

With that said, it's time to get bcd to cranking them out. In some campaigns it will be obvious from the in-depth analysis that we are well schooled while in others it might be like pulling teeth. Of the approximately 28 endorsements, there will likely be a handful where we offer only a token recommendation or perhaps none at all. Typically, that would be in some of the smaller municipalities like Lake Helen.