Lion's Den

WAVERLY, Ohio -- Attorney General William Barr has released his summary of the Mueller probe report and has exonerated President Trump of the principal question in a two year investigation: No collusion with Russia.

WAVERLY, Ohio — On Friday, amongst much anticipation and drooling, the Mueller Report ended up on the desk of William Barr, the attorney general of these United States, compiled of course by the Honorable Robert Mueller III; one-time FBI director, and his zestful prosecutorial team, on the job now for some two years and change.

WAVERLY, Ohio -- With another horrific mass shooting, this time in New Zealand, the blame game begins while Muslim victims’ bodies are still warm.

WAVERLY, Ohio -- Connecticut’s Supreme Court rules Gun Manufacturer that made AR-15 style rifle that was used in the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012, can be sued by Newtown victims' families.

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- I'm not going to defend O'Reilly because there's evidence he's out of control where ladies are concerned.


ORLANDO -- Questions arise. As the days wind down in 2012, we need to look at why the election turned out the way it did. Republicans will have to figure out why Romnet lost.


ORLANDO — President Barack Obama improved upon his previous performance in the first presidential debate, going after former Gov. Mitt Romney aggressively, in a debate that saw tense clashes between the two men. But Romney was stronger, again.


ORLANDO -- Recent polls indicate an increasingly tight race between President Barack H. Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. That is to say, after a week of media hyperbole pontificating President Obama had locked up re-election, was in fact, pulling away from the Bain Capital Dragon, new polls suggest a different reality.


ORLANDO -- No sooner had suspected killer James Holmes gunned down a dozen innocent lives in a Colorado movie theater at the midnight showing of a "The Dark Knight Rises," than a pernicious media turned it’s stale, rebarbative eye toward the issue of guns and cinema. Bodies were still warm.