What was that I just heard? Surely that can’t be true. Let me rewind the tape and hear that again, I said to myself. Sure enough what I heard was that if you have a Florida Food Stamp Debit card and you have a question about it when you call the phone number you reach a representative in India.


I saw a headline the other day that got me thinking. It said something to the effect that President Obama is going to make sure there are more higher paying jobs available in this country.

Do we need more higher paying jobs? Haven’t the higher-paying job people put us in this mess? If we think back to after World War II and the guys came home, suddenly we needed more houses, more infrastructure, more hospitals for the birthing of the Baby Boomers and on and on.


I read a very interesting article today about recycling and reusing nuclear waste. You know, that stuff the government has terrified us about for years and has buried in Yucca Mountain . Whenever the notion of more nuclear power plants comes up the first thing that happens is the chatter about the waste. What will we do with all the waste?

Come to find out, we can reprocess this material with relative ease and effectiveness. The problem is the government has made that process illegal.


I watched with interest the ( video of the New Smyrna Beach City Commission meeting where in essence the elected officials kicked the city manager (John Hagood) to the curb. After nearly 30 years of service to the city, his efforts were rewarded with "here’s your hat there’s the door."


I’m sad to read about the young man killed at the Medicine Shoppe. Mostly, I am sad for his family. They lost a son, a brother, an uncle. While the news media and townspeople vilify him for having an illness, what some people fail to take into account is that most addicts don’t chose to be addicts but once hooked on something, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and even food which most of us have battled at one time or another, the habits are almost impossible to break.


I'll bet some of you were thinking when you saw the passengers being pulled from the wrecked U.S. Airways jet in the Hudson River that you would probably never fly again. I have a different viewpoint.

The day before the Hudson incident, I was talking to a friend who told me that she always flies Delta, but no flights were available so she recently came from Connecticut to Charlotte, N.C., where she would change planes for the final leg to Orlando via U.S.Airways.


Editor's note: This is a courageous topic on the part of the blogger. It's a reminder for all of us to learn as much as we can about the importance of proper nutrition and daily exercise. Please see your physician before undertaking strenuous exercise.

Obesity is epidemic in this country. This is a fact we all know. Some thin people look at fat people with disdain because they feel the fat person has done this to themselves and could just undo it.

This is just not so.

I have fought obesity most of my life and I am currently losing the battle, again.


Newspaper Section: 

Phew! I’m glad that Christmas is finally over. I feel like ran a race in past couple of months and then in a flash it was over with the exception of pieces of wrapping paper, bows and scotch tape strewn everywhere and dirty dishes piled in the kitchen sink. Talk about a let down.


We swore we’d never do it again! It’s too much trouble! It’s a lot of work!

But there we were again gathering the junk we have collected over these past 10 years since our last yard sale.

What were we thinking?

Unfortunately, we are collectors of "stuff," the preferred verbiage for junk.

Getting rid of stuff is almost impossible for us since “we just might need it one day,”or so we delude ourselves into thinking.

Stuff piles higher and higher in our two houses taking space and collecting dust until we finally decide that something has to be done and soon.


Have you watched ‘The Amazing Race” on television? If not, they have pairs of people race around the world, perform tasks and eliminate one couple per week until the final three couples are left.

The first pair to finish all their trips and tasks on the last episode wins $1 million.

This week they were in Moscow. Dallas & Toni, a mother & son, lost their money and passports when Dallas forgot his backpack in a cab.

Why is this interesting?