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Ted Doran, managing partner of the Daytona Beach law form of Doran Sims Wolfe & Ciocchetti, 1020 W. International Speedway Blvd., is the consummate legal eagle with multi-million dollar judgments he has successfully litigated for his clients, either in out-of-settlements, by agreement with opposing counsel and approval from the bench on the eve of jury deliberations  or through directed verdicts he won for his clients.
Then there is Doran's can-do business acumen that includes active- as opposed to figure-head leadership posts in recent years with the Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, which was far more potent under his guidance, and his aggressiveness with the largest largest of  the county's three tourism authorities, even rustling some feathers to get things done, among his myriad community commitments.
 It is these traits that reinforce Doran's standing as giant in the community, a position unrivaled by his courtroom peers.  That is unless Doran, 6 feet tall, is mugging it up for the camera with the likes of retired NBA great and Orlando Magic Hall of Famer Nick Anderson, the 6-foot 6 swingman, who could dunk on the Daytona power attorney in his sleep. Both were looking dapper in this recent photo opp at the Amway Arena where Anderson works in the team's public relations department.

Daytona attorney Ted Doran with retired Orlando Magic player Nick Anderson / Headline Surfer®DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Even though his law firm is among the busiest in Daytona Beach, it is adept at handling some of the largest and most complex cases and winning them, too.

Doran's litigation not only for private corporate entities as well as numerous agencies under the umbrella of the State of Florida, in defending some of the largest claims ever filed against the state, has put Doran in a league of his own as a litigation specialist with a proven track record of recovering large awards.

In 2005, Doran obtained a jury verdict and judgment in excess of $18 million for the State of Florida as Receiver of a failed medical malpractice self-insurance fund.

The judgment allowed the Receiver to refund more than $10 million to medical care providers across Florida.

Two years ago, Doran achieved a $15 million judgment on behalf of the state, the third largest award ever in a Florida receivership.

Chalk that up to the aggressive nature of this middle-aged fitness freak, who, with a shower and dark suit, color-coordinated tie and polished wing-tip shoes, is mentally charged to spar with opposing counsel in the courtroom, precedent-setting case law and legal strategies mapped out in advance.

And Doran always has contingencies in mind, like an NFL head coach whose studied game film to exploit the weaknesses of the other side.

Welcome to Ted Doran's world, where his extensive legal expertise and unending courtroom jousting at the expense of opposing counsel comes from an appreciation of the finer points of law -- right down to footnotes -- referenced without delay and delivered in a mild-mannered, but firm approach.

Compare this to the theatrics of a seemingly endless parade of ambulance chaser attorneys, also known as bottom feeders, who often go for the quick settlement or get too greedy for a jury verdict and getting nothing.

This compared to the pedigree of a Doran, who knows when to settle for something and when to stand firm and hit pay dirt with a jury verdict and this is why he and his law firm are so successful.

It's not just the legal that defines Doran's standing in the community. Not only is his one of the top law firms in Central Florida, but it's his longstanding commitment to Daytona and Volusia County as a whole in not only maintaining  its share of the tourism market that comes with having 50 miles of beaches, but getting others to look at the bigger picture in creating better jobs and creating economic building blocks that go beyond fun in the sun.

It is the winning drive in the courtroom, entrepreneurial goal setting and humanity displayed in active charitable and civic causes that define Theodore Doran. And as such, Doran is the second official entrant in the inaugural 2016 Hall of Fame.

Frank Bruno, the first-ever elected county chair and face of politics for 20-plus years, and final eight as chair, when stepped off the dais in 2012, is the internet newspaper's top overall choice for the Hall of Fame.

Bruno and Doran are the biggest newsmakers among an expected class of at least 50 entrants.

Most, if not all, of the entrants will be officially recognized in a series of stories leading up to Thanksgiving, when Headline Surfer® will announce its third annual "Central Florida Politician of the Year." Then-State Rep. Dave Hood, former Ormond Beach mayor and current circuit judge, was the inaugural winner in 2013.

Last year, the single-award recipient was at-large Volusia County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack of DeLand, also a former state representative, weeks after she handily defeated council rival Patricia Northey of Deltona, term-limited in her Deltona-area seat.

Ted Doran fishing in Montana / Headline Surfer®Ted Doran on Montana fishing trip / Headline Surfer®With the demands of life in the public eye, even a power attorney like Ted Doran needs to get away and re-charge as shown in these images in a 2012 Montana where he owns a ranch house.

Clearly Bruno and Doran have been are among the top newsmakers in one way or another in the internet newspaper's seven-plus years of ongoing news coverage.

While Bruno has been recognized as the traditional face of modern politics in Volusia County, Doran has not been able to get a foothold into elected politics.

Bruno said he believes Doran has the pedigree to hold public office, but he's far too independent and a perceived threat to the status quo,

And at no time was that ugliness more in play than the 2012 three-way race to see if Doran would break through as hoped for with the the term-limited Bruno exiting.

Ted Doran at School Board in DeLand / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® photo /
Doran's strengths in providing the legal framework to prevent costly litigation was on display back in January as counsel to the Volusia County School Board when he drew up the legal parameters that had longtime Superintendent Margaret Smith recognizing it was better to make the quick exit with a newly-constituted board wanting to go in another direction.

With Doran finishing third in the primary, that left the then-relatively unknown Jason Davis, of Eddgewater and a Gulf War vet who finished a close second, to build on that momentum and crush of Carl Persis of Ormond Beach, who had resigned from his council so he could cash in pn his deferred pension that November.

But as a 1-2 punch, Bruno's strength is getting consensus among the stakeholders and Doran outlining how things can and should be carried out, even if feathers are ruffled in the process, to ensure a results-driven outcome. "That's really what's missing in government these last few years and that hands-on direction is  one of Ted's great strengths," Bruno told Headline Surfer®.

Doran's name recognition is clearly advanced well beyond Volusia County's borders, though, because of his litigation skills in a courtroom, where he commands the respect of opposing counsel and admiration of judges and even juries, not only because of the homework he's known to do in advance, but also seeing to it that his clients are prepared as well for the uncertainties that can and do arise that can turn a case on its head.

Doran's closest allies sees his innate ability to make changes on the fly in a courtroom or chamber boardroom, as proof positive that a future in political office is still a door without that remains ajar.

"Ted Doran is a the kind of person who gets things done," County Council's Joyce Cusack told Headline Surfer®, when told of the internet newspaper's decision over the weekend, in officially recognizing Doran as a Hall of Famer. "He has been a great friend and advisor to me and I certainly stand by him."

Joyce Cusack supportive of Ted Doran

Doran's closest allies sees his innate ability to make changes on the fly in a courtroom or chamber boardroom, as proof positive that a future in political office is still a door without that remains ajar.

"Ted Doran is a the kind of person who gets things done," Volusia County Council's Joyce Cusack told Headline Surfer®, when told of the internet newspaper's decision over the weekend, of officially recognizing Doran as a Hall of Famer. "He has been a great friend and advisor to me and I certainly stand by him."

Back in January, Doran was instrumental in his added role as counsel to the Volusia County School Board in drawing up the legal documentation that was satisfactory to both the board members and longtime Superintendent Margaret Smith in January of this year, after she initially balked initially at suggestions from at least one of three newly-elected board members that she step down.

And in that very capacity as counsel to the school board dating back to 2002, Doran represented its interests as well as those of the Monroe County School Board before the Second Judicial Circuit Court and the First District Court of Appeal challenging the methodology used by the Department of Education in calculating district cost differentials for Florida's school districts.

This is an advance story announcing Doran as the 2nd of what will likely be 100 entrants in the 12016 Hall of Fame. Frank Bruno, Volusia County's first elected county chair is the first overall entrant. Each entrant will have a fully-dressed profile story, along with sidebars, timelines, chronologies, video and photo-image spreads. Additional details on the Hall of Fame recipients is an ongoing process.

Daytona attornet Ted Dorran runs to reduce stress of his job / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® /
So how does a power attorney like Ted Doran get rid of stress that coms with grind of litigation and all of the community commitments that take up his time? The former Daytona cop runs as shown here.


Legal Counsel Assignments:
• School Board Attorney, School Board of Volusia County, 2002 to present;
• Consulting Attorney, School Board of Monroe County, 2005;
• Town Attorney, Town of Ponce Inlet, 2000-2006;
• General Counsel, the Receivership of Caduceus Self Insurance Fund, 2000-2012;
• Consulting Attorney, Florida Department of Financial Services, 1996-2013;
• Consulting Attorney, Volusia County Supervisor of Elections, 2004, 2005
• General Counsel, the Receivership of Vanguard Fire and Casualty Company, 2007;
• General Counsel, the Receivership of First Commercial Insurance Company, 2009-2013;
• General Counsel, the Receivership of First Commercial Transp. and Prop. Ins. Co., 2009-2013;
• Claims Legal Services Provider, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, 2010 to present;
• .General Counsel, Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce, 1986, 2008.
Community Leadership:
• Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce, chairman 2009, board member 2008-2012;
• Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation, chairman 2010-2011;
• Halifax Area Advertising Authority, chairman 2011-2012;
• Marvin Samuels Leadership Award, 2011;
• FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools, co-founder, emeritus board 1985-present;
• Arthaus, board of directors;
• Oceanside Daytona Beach Rotary, president 1990-1991;
• Florida HMO Consumer Assistance Board, Board of Directors 1998-2000;
• Junior League of Daytona, committee advisory board; 2002;
• Port Orange Community Trust, Board of Directors; 2003;
• Port Orange Family Days, Board of Directors 2003;
• Alzheimer’s Support Group, board of directors;
Spring Break Task Force of Volusia County, board of directors. 
Higher Education:
• University of Florida College of Law, Gainesville, FL
Juris Doctor, 1982;
• Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
B.S. in Criminology, minor in Government, 1978.
Editor's Note: How prophetic it is that the internet newspaper came across the image of Ted Doran and Nick Anderson because the Orlando Magic organization (with inclusion of team CEO Alex Martins, current star player Victor Oladipo, as well as Anderson and fellow Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal ) will be be joining Doran, former County Chair Frank Bruno and others among 50 entrants in the 2016 Hall of Fame. 
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