City of Edgewater has put our lives in danger

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Thanks to the reckless and retaliatory sworn complaint filed by Edgewater City Councilwoman Megan O'Keefe that was allowed by Interim Police Chief Joe Mahoney, the lives of my wife, Serafina, and I are now in danger.

The incident report is one-sided, inaccurate and designed to intimidate and compromise our efforts to report major news for the public's benefit (and right to know) on multiple internal affairs investigations against Councilwoman O'Keefe's boyfriend-cop Andrew Spurlock, including his alleged preying of women while on duty. While that is shocking enough, the immediate danger is to my wife and I, with Edgewater PD listing of our home address, right down to the apartment number, knowing full well my status as a member of the working press who has covered high profile cases and the importance of my privacy and that of my family.

What's most troubling is NO ATTEMPT was made by Edgewater PD to reach out to me before this report became public record. Had that been done, I would have been able to counter O'Keefe's inaccurate and self-serving claims. And I would have stressed that even if the incident report was to be processed that care be given to redact my home address, which obviously was obtained from motor vehicle records because I have no criminal record. I have never been arrested, and in my 30 years as a reporter, the latter 20-plus years in East Central Florida, I have never been the subject of a sworn criminal complaint - that is until now.
The fear factor now in play for my wife. and I, is O'Keefe's father, Oak Hill Commissioner Jeff Bracy, now has the exact address where we live. 
Bracy made death threats in a phone call in 2015, demanding that a story be withdrawn on a late night meeting rendezvous at his front door. 
It was there that Bracy was greeted by another male commissioner dressed in a blonde woman's wig and a bathrobe to discuss a rocket launch pad site in the city (outside government in the Sunshine). 
Bracy, frustrated that the news he first pitched he wasn't allowed to walk back. Alternating between crying and screaming on the phone when he couldn't get his way, Bracy proceeded to disparage my wife's Puerto Rican heritage with racist hate expletives, and he vowed he would find out where we lived in Sanford, drive over here with his shotgun, blast through our front door, rape my wife at gunpoint and then blow our brains out. 
The death threats were immediately reported to the Sanford Police Department and to Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson, but no criminal charges were brought after a sworn criminal affidavit was filled out and sworn because there was no proof. However, Sanford PD did arrange for round the clock drive throughs of our neighborhood and VCSO had extra dep[uties at the first Oak Hill City Commission meeting following it.
Bracy is well known to law enforcement and the courts in Volusia County, including a fistfight outside City Hall with a former mayor in which he lost a tooth, and last year forced to pay for damages to his son-in-law's vehicle and camper in a criminal prosecution.
O'Keefe's criminal complaint is all over social media. What has been allowed to occur clearly demonstrates those in charge in Edgewater are not capable of doing the job... 
I have never listed my full address in emails in order to minimize danger of some lunatic showing up and exacting revenge for a story or whatever.

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