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Headline Surfer video by Henry Frederick / Gov. Scott answers the Internet newspaper's question about a possible Romney/Scott ticket. Click the video to see what he had to say.

DAYTONA BEACH -- It's not every day that the governor comes to town so when such a visit occurs, it's big news, more so now because it's election season with much at stake. Local government leaders and political insiders see this as a time to create a buzz. Gov. Scott certainly did that and more Wednesday, during a visit to the newly opened headquarters of the Republican Party at 921 Nova Road. From there he headlined a packed luncheon at the Ocean Center sponsored by the Tiger Bay Club and the Daytona Area Chamber of Commerce, where both political parties were well represented.

As always, I try to seize the moment for face time to get in a question or two. My opportunity came after Scott finished answering what seemed like an eternity of questions from the GOP party faithful after a high-energy speech at Republican headquarters. I knew I had to think fast on my feet. After all, Scott brought his "A game," covering everything from the controversial voter purge issue, how he was dealing with creating jobs and why it was important to get out the vote for Mitt Romney. It was the day before final candidate qualifying and he covered ground with that, too,

Scott was good about allowing local candidates to have their picture taken with him, then making his speech and answering questions from quite a few people among the 175 in the room. 

Scott's handlers granted my request, but emphasized I could only ask one question because they were pressed for time. Then it dawned on me: If US Sen. Marco Rubio could be considered to be Romney's running mate, why not Scott? After all, the Republican National Convention is being held Aug. 27-30 in Tampa. 

I think it caught him by surprise that I asked about a possible "Romney/Scott ticket" as shown by his immediate smile. But he readily answered that he enjoyed being governor and dealing with the pressing economic issues here in the Sunshine State.

Stan Escudero, chairman of the GOP executive committee here, who heard the governor's response was more than pleased.

"I have every confidence Gov. Scott would make a superb vice president," Escudero said, but added he was "grateful" that he's committed to addressing Florida's needs just as he said he would during his campaign.

Then it was on to the Ocean Center and a far greater crowd, including a heckler, who was escorted out. Scott didn't miss a beat in getting his message across to Republicans and Democrats alike, even as TV cameras headed for the doors as well for the soundbite.

Scott then answered even more questions, reiterating his priorities of job creation, education and a more prosperous Florida. We have extensive video coverage and reaction to Scott's Daytona Beach visit with our new online public affairs news show, the "Roundtable."

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