Rotary clubs of New Smyrna Beach & Edgewater to sponsor fundraiser Cheeseburgers in Paradise / Headline Surfer®NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The Brannon Center's the place to be Saturday night for the Jimmy Buffet-styled summer time party named after his restaurants – Cheeseburger in Paradise. The event is sponsored by the Rotary clubs of New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater as a significant fundraiser for their community good-works and charities.


Volusia County Chair Jason Davis released from Daytona Beach hospital / Headline Surfer®Photo for Headline Surfer® / A selfie by Volusia County Chair Jason Davis was taken just after 7 p.m. following his release from Halifax Health in Daytona Beach where he was held overnight Wednesday after complaining of chest pains. The self-portrait was taken by Davis at the request of the 24/7 internet newspaper.

DAYTONA BEACH -- Volusia County Chair Jason Davis got no closer to the big political events of the day than a telephone call to his bedside at Halifax Health Medical Center today from the governor, having been held overnight for observations after feeling chest pains Wednesday afternoon.

After a battery of stress tests and other medical procedures, Davis was informed that one thing was ruled out medically: "I did not have a heart attack."


Waverly Media bench ads dot Volusia County landscape as shown here at Dunlawton Bridge in Port Orange, FL / Headline Surfer®Waverly Media / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® / Waverly Media park bench ads like this one at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Dunlawton Avenue in Port Orange, dot the landscape in Volusia County.

DAYTONA BEACH -- No matter where you drive along the major roadways in the county, invariably you are going to see more than a few of those eye-catching park bench ads.

Such is the successful advertising medium of Waverly Media, which literally has hundreds of benches dotting the landscape that is home to the world's most famous beach, the Daytona 500 and Florida's first 24/7 internet newspaper, HeadlineSurfer.com.


Sex offender Luis DeJesus captured in New Smyrna Beach / Headline SurferPhoto for Headline Surfer / A manhunt Wednesday resulted in the apprehension of convicted sex offender Luis Alberto Hernandez Dejesus who earlier in the day broke free from a deputy in New Smyrna Beach.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A 31-year-old convicted sex offender who broke free from a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy in New Smyrna Beach earlier in the day Wednesday, was apprehended and taken into custody just after 11 p.m., an agency spokesman said.

Luis Alberto Hernandez Dejesus stayed hidden for several hours after fighting with a Volusia County Sheriff's Office deputy and escaping his arrest while still handcuffed But he finally came out of hiding late Wednesday night and when he did, deputies nabbed him.


Morgan Tuck/ victim of suicide by firearms / Headline SurferPhoto for Headline Surfer / Morgan Tuck, 15, a New Smyrna Beach High School student, was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on a public street early Sunday in Edgewater.

EDGEWATER -- The body of a 15-year-old girl was found in the grass near 22nd Street early Sunday, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police responded to the scene at 8:49 a.m. near the intersection with Guava Drive, describing it as a "suicide attempt" with a gunshot wound with the victim pronounced dead upon their arrival.

Police did not release any other details including the victim's name in what Headline Surfer believes to be in violation of Florida's public records statutes since the victim's family was notified. The victim is 15-year-old Morgan Tuck, who attended New Smyrna Beach High School.


Birds gather in a small water fountain in Edgewater / Headline SurferHeadline Surfer photos by Henry Frederick / These birds were seen recently in a small pond fountain across from the Edgewater City Hall.

EDGEWATER -- A gathering of exotic birds took a swim on a warm summer's day in a small  pond foutain across fthe street from the Edgewater City Hall on Riverside Drive.


Brian McLane is indicted on capital murder in Edgewater, FL / Headline SurferDELAND -- The Volusia County Grand Jury returned an Indictment earlier today against against Brian McLane that accuses him of first-degree murder, a capital felony, in relation to the death of his Edgewater roommate on June 3.

The defendant and the victim, 71-year-old Richard Carton, were roommates in a mobile home. The victim was found dead of asphyxiation and/or suffocation.

McLane's indictment paves the way for the office of State Attorney R.J. Larizza to consider whether it will seek the death penalty at trial. LaRizza's office does not comment until a decision has beenmade inhouse whether to seek the death penalty or life in prison without parole.


EDGEWATER -- The City of Edgewater is currently seeking citizens interested in serving on the following municipal boards: Construction Regulation Board (electrical contractor), Recreation and Cultural Services Board, Economic Development Board and Citizen Code Enforcement Board.

Applications and additional information on each Board/Committee can be obtained on the City's website at www.cityofedgewater.org, or by calling by the City Clerk's Office at 386-424-2400 or visiting City Hall, 104 N. Riverside Drive.


Mother's Day banner feature / Headline Surfer

Kerry-Anne Purkiss and daughter, Jasmine / Headline SurferKC Society teen organization / Headline SurferNEW SMYRNA BEACH -- You'd think juggling a marriage, family and career would be enough to handle for Edgewater's Kerry-Anne Purkiss, but she takes motherhood to a whole new level as a community mentor to a dozen or so other children in the greater New Smyrna Beach.


No joke either: Bronze star recipient not pleased NSB mayor called cop/Iraq War veteran a 'pr-ck' while sarcastically shaking his hand

County Chair Jason Davis is 51 on April 1, 2013 / Headline SurferNSB cop and Iraq War vet Ralph Hunnefeld / Headline SurferNew Smyrna Beach Mayor Adam Barringer disrespected a cop / Hadline SurferVolusia County Chair Jason Davis, shown here in an American flag campign photo, turns 51 today, April 1, 2013. What isn't a joke to Davis, recipient of the Bronze Star, is New Smyrna Beach Mayor Adam Barringer disrespecting a city cop who served his country with a tour of duty in Iraq.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- County Chair Jason Davis is 51 years old today and that's no April Fool's joke.

"Yes, I was born on April 1, 1962," Davis said over the weekend with a laugh. "I'll be 51 on April 1, no fooling."

Another thing that's far from a joke to Davis, a Bronze Star recipient for his tours of duty in the Iraq, is the verbal abuse a New Smyrna Beach cop took from that city's mayor before the start of the municipal Christmas parade.