Racial profiling of internet newspaper's wife a travesty

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Reading Henry Frederick's account of his lovely wife Sera being stopped and her car searched for drugs two miles from their Sugar Mill home home just makes my blood boil. She is the sweetest, most unassuming person I know and I am appalled that this kind of treatment still goes on well into the 21st century.

I have been made aware of this in the past by dark-skinned friends and always hoped it had gotten better, but I see it has not. What a travesty to trump up a charge to pull her over and terrify her for nothing. If it really had been for not making a full stop then he would have given her a ticket.

Sera is not an outspoken person and I am sure the threat of waiting for the drug dog was just more than she needed to be assaulted with that night. She had no reason to refuse and that did not need to be said to her.

It saddens me that she prefers to live somewhere else because of the treatment she gets in New Smyrna Beach. And I can assure you she loves her husband and is not a “mail order” wife as some have said of her.

It mystifies me why people are so cruel to another human being. Henry Frederick doesn’t exactly win friends with his reporting because he tells the truth and the wrongdoers he points out don’t like that a light is being shone on them but to retaliate against his family is reprehensible. He is just doing his job and that doesn’t have anything to do with them.

He takes enough guff himself but after years of being a reporter he has a much thicker skin than Sera does and he can take it.

If you live in this area think about what goes on here and be a part of change in a positive way by not letting these travesties go unnoticed. If you know of such a situation make sure someone in charge knows you don’t approve.

If enough people would stand up for their fellow man, or woman in this case, just maybe we could make change happen.


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