Barack Obama: The master distracter

“Too much of nuthin’ will make a man a liar” - Peter, Paul and Mary

DAYTONA BEACH -- Beginning last Monday Barack Obama returned to the campaign stage, spewing an interminable series of lies and slogans designed to convince the public and a credulous media that fire is cold, ice is hot and his policies are good for the county and the American people. Once again he is acting as if his words are the true reality while facts have no existence at all.

A number of conservative pundits have remarked that his speeches have been mostly rehashes of past promises and efforts to blame his multitudinous failures on Republicans. They are right.

One leftist commentator called Obama’s first speech “a symphony.” He has a tin ear.

Obama even claimed, twice so far, that Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS debacle, spying on reporters’ communications and the ubiquitous spying efforts of the NSA directed against the American people are “phony scandals.” He wishes!

The only thing phony on that stage was Barack Obama!

He claims to be a national leader. But he runs, not walks, from anything resembling a hard decision and dodges responsibility for the rare decisions he does make. He perfected the art of voting present when he was a state legislator to avoid responsibility for issues he did not understand -- which were most issues.

As president, Obama he tries to hide from responsibility by leading from behind, apparently too feckless to realize or care that pushing others into actions which he could influence leaves decisions in the hands of others but still unavoidably saddles the United States with the consequences.

And when these consequences come home to roost he simply lies, denies knowledge or involvement and refuses to accept the authority of Congress or the courts, comfortable in the belief that the people will be distracted by other events and the media will continue their blind support.

What we saw on the stage was an empty excuse for a president, full of “nuthin”, or at least nuthin’ good. Of course it lies. But like any creature, dead or undead, it craves survival. And for our vampiric president, survival means shifting even farther to the left and accumulating even more power.

For Obama, survival means, in the first instance, funding of Obamacare so that it can take full effect in January. Obama knows very well that this law is a catastrophe. Why else would he have granted over 1,000 exceptions to it even before it was passed? Why else would he delay implementation of its impact on large businesses?

And why else would three of our country’s largest unions write to him demanding that he find some way to relieve them of the damaging impacts of Obamacare?

So why does he use his speeches to call for full funding of this horrible law? The answer is that he wants Obamacare not despite the fact that it is unworkable, that it raises taxes, increases health care costs, reduces the number of available doctors, lowers the level of hi-tech healthcare which will be provided in the US, limits care for seniors and destroys the private health care industry. He wants it "because" of these things and more.

Barack Obama wants Obamacare because it will eventually make the government the only possible provider of health care for all Americans (except for Obama and senior and elected government officials and their families).

This would constitute an enormous increase in the reach of government and its control over the lives and deaths (literally) of all Americans. It would meet a major milestone in his continuing drive to destroy America as it has been and fundamentally transform our country into the modern leftist vision of a socialist dictatorship.

If he can win funding of Obamacare in September when the two houses consider the continuing resolution to pay the costs of government for the coming fiscal year, Obama will have placed himself and his party in a stronger position to win the coming battle over the national debt limit.

He and his chief minions, the Madwoman in the House and the failed punchdrunk boxer in the Senate fear that the Democrats may lose control of the Senate and fail to regain control of the House in the 2014 elections.

So they must do all possible now to put in place the time bombs which can collapse our economy and make a further leftist power grab possible -- time bombs like Obamacare, a big jump in the debt limit without serious spending cuts or even Harry Reid’s newest insane proposal for an additional one trillion dollars in taxes.

And so we come back to Obama’s latest round of speeches.

With the aid of a compliant media he is once again lying to us about the benefits of his policies, ignoring the massive damage they have caused. He will distract the people from the deadly scandals which ought to define his administration while he slimes and oozes his way away from any responsibility for them.

Finally, he will blame Republican obstructionists for his failure to date to do any more sugar-coated damage to our nation. I say Thank God for the House Republicans.

Were it not for them, our Ship of State would already have foundered and sunk on Obama Reef, with the pitiful survivors clinging to bits of flotsam and leftover debris tossed to them by Obama and his acolytes at his whim.

The next election campaign will soon be upon us.

If the nation is to survive we need a Republican Senate and a Republican House to preserve what is left of our Republic. More than that, we need conservative political leaders strong enough to turn back the abominations which the left has imposed on the nation over the past two generations.

The coming battles over Obamacare and the debt limit may well prove to be the tipping point. Our Republican leaders absolutely must hang tough, even at the cost of shutting down the government for a time.

Stan Escudero
July 26, 2013

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