Internet newspaper publisher and Daytona attorney on investigative show about killer Virginia Larzelere

Journalist Henry Frederick on Deadly Affairs / Headline SurferTed Doran on Deadly Affairs / Headline SurferThe first guest voice over to appear in the video promo above for Investigation Discovery network's "Deadly Affairs" show on killer Virginia Larzelere is that of reporter Henry Frederick (shown at far left), followed by attorney Ted Doran (to the right),  appearing on-screen in the promo. The one-hour segment airs 10 p.m. Saturday. Check your cable guide programming for specific channel listings.

DAYTONA BEACH -- Investigation Discovery tonight will highlight the case of Virginia Virginia Larzelere, the former death row inmate, who could be released as early as next year from prison despite being what the state called the the mastermind in the gunshot slaying of her Edgewater dentist-husband.

Among the expert guests for the 10 p.m. docudrama are Headline Surfer Publisher Henry Frederick, who was interviewed in his New Smyrna Beach home office last year and private attorney Ted Doran, interviewed in his Daytona Beach law firm.

Larzelere was convicted in 1992 of capital murder in the shooting of Dr. Norman Larzelere by a masked gunman the state claimed was Larzelere's son, Jason, and her husband's stepson, who was 18 years old at the time. But he was acquitted at trial.

Fomer Florida Death Row inmate Virginia Larzelere / Headline SurferMurdered Edgewater dentist Dr. Norman Larzelere / Headline SurferPhotos for Headline Surfer / At left is Virginia Larzelere convicted of pre-meditated first-degree murder in the killing of Dr. Norman Larzelere, her Edgewater dentist-husnand. Her death sentence was dismissed on appeal in fvor of life in prison. However, she's eligible for parole as soon as next year.

Larzelere went on trial first and was found guilty of first-degree pre-meditated murder with a death sentence as her punishment.

However, her sentence of death was thrown out by an appeals court and Larzelere was re-sentenced to life in prison.

But because of more lenient sentencxing guidelines dating back tyo her trial, Larzelere, 60, could be paroled as early as next year. Frederick covered Larzelere's numerous appeals when he was the cops and courts reporter for the Daytona Beach News-Journal and Doran represented the financial affairs of Norman Larzelere.

Frederick was a guest on the Oxygen Network show "Snapped" in 2004, which had a segment devoted entirely to Larzelere.

Having written extensively on women killers, Frederick also has appeared in several television documentaries regarding famed serial killer Aileen Wuornos, whose execution by lethal he witnessed in the death chamber at the Starke prison on Oct. 9, 2002.

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