Can't fix stupid: Republican Party fails again with government shutdown

OAK HILL -- As a registered Republican I am extremely disappointed in the actions of the Republicans in Congress. I would have thought that the party would have learned from i's two prior attempts at putting a Republican in the white house, but they haven't.

Public opinion is blaming the Republican Party members for the government shut down. This will directly effect the out come of the elections in 2014, also referred to as the mid-term elections as they are mid-way to the presidential election. And again favor the Democrats.

The Democrats with President Obama are sitting back and enjoying the ill-advised Republican House members who have created this ridiculous deadlock.

As one of my constituents saidwhenhe described commissioners' actions, "You can't fix stupid!" This certainly applies to current government shutdown with the Republicans in Washington.

Be Safe,
Oak Hill Mayor Douglas Gibson
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Douglas Gibson was elected mayor of Oak Hill, FL in November. He is a retired state trooper who resides here in Volusia County's southern-most coastal city with his wife, Dale. Mayor Gibson writes his blog exclusively for publication in Headline Surfer, accessed via