Thankful for family blessings at Thanksgiving

DELTONA -- Thanksgiving hs always been one of my favorite holidays. Our family gathers in the early afternoon around a table filled with the specialty dishes of the “roasting, cooking and baking."

Before we begin the feast we always go around the table and say what we are grateful for. Everyone participates and the comments become a kind of recap of the year the family has enjoyed. Many of the comments are poignant, some are routine and others are funny. I always look forward to hearing what the nieces, nephews and grands are thankful for. And they never disappoint.

Many times they express thanks for a special food that graces the table, or a toy that is a favorite. Sometimes they surprise me with the depth of their thoughts and sometimes they are just funny. One of the thankful comments that stand out the most for me is the one my grandnephew offered up some years back. He was thankful for toilet paper. He though he was quite the comic and we all laughed and said what a funny kid he was and yes, that after much thought that was indeed a worthy thankful message.

We are also thankful that our family can gather at the table filled with food. We are thankful that our extended family doesn’t have to travel very far to enjoy the day together. We are thankful that my mother, now approaching 93 years of age, still has her health and always brings a special dessert (her cheese cake is one of my favorites) to finish the meal.

And yes we are even thankful for toilet paper.

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