Webster Barnaby announces run for County Council at-large seat: 'Time for fresh blood and fresh approach'

Incumbent Joyce Cusack already in battle with term-limited colleague Pat Northey

Webster Barnaby of Deltona running for at-large County Council / Headline Surfer®Volusia at-large County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack / Headline Surfer®Term-limited Pat Northey challenging fo at-large County Council / Headline Surfer®
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Deltona City Commissioner and Republican Webster Barnaby, shown at far left, is running for the at-large seat on the Volusia County Council against incumbent Joyce Cusack, in the middle, and fellow Democrat Pat Northey, term-limited in her Deltona seat on the dais in the non-partisan election.

DAYTONA BEACH -- Saying it's time "for fresh blood and a fresh approach," Deltona City Commissioner and Republican Webster Barnaby announced his candidacy to run for the non-partisan at-large seat on the Volusia County Council against first-term incumbent Joyce Cusack and term-limited dis. 5 seat holder Pat Northey, the latter two Democrats.

Barnaby's entry sets up the strong possibility of a primary, should all three continue as candidates when qualifying ends June 5. Should none of the three receive 50 percent plus 1 vote in a primary, the top two vote getters would square off in November.

And as remote as it may seem, there exists the possibility more candidates could emerge. Regardless, Barnaby said he entered the race with the intention of seeing to it that the two Democratic rivals are gone from the dais.

"I'm in this to win and bring a fresh face to county government," Barnaby told Headline Surfer® in making his announcement public today after filing his paperwork with the Volusia County Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

"I'm in this to win and bring a fresh face to county government," Barnaby told Headline Surfer® in making his announcement public today after filing his paperwork with the Volusia County Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

Webster Barnaby and his family / Headline Surfer®Photo for Headline Surfer® /
Deltona City Commissioner and announced-Volusia County Council at-large candidate Webster Barnaby believes he has life's priorities straight with his faith and family at the top of his list followed by work and community service. Shown here with Barnaby is his wife of 26 years, Sylvia; son Adrian, 22; and daughter, Britney.

Barnaby, 54, a native of England, who lived in the US Virgin Islands before settling in in Deltona 21 years ago, is a newbie to the world of politics compared to Cusack, elected in 2010 after serving eight years in the Florida Statehouse, and Northey now in her 20th-year on the dais, having hoped from one seat to another and term-limited in finishing her second consecutive term representing Deltona in the district 5 post.

Barnaby, an ordained-minister and old-style Republican conservative with emphasis on God and family, cruised to victory in his 2012  maiden run for office in securing his seat on the Deltona City Commission.

"It's time for fresh blood and a fresh approach," said Barnaby, midway through his first term on the Deltona City Commission.

The emphasis on blood was two-fold from Barnaby's point of view: First, being "I'm the fresh face among retreads" he said, not mincing words, and second, "These two have been at each other for awhile and everyone is sick of it."

Barnaby, married for 26 years to his wife, Sylvia, said they are proud of the hard work they put into raising their two grown children, both of whom have promising starts in their young adult lives.

The eldest, Britney, 23, recently graduated from the University of Florida School of Architecture and Design with a bachelor's degree.

And son, Adrian, turned 22 today, sharing the birthday honors with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the proud father said.

"That's what this is all about -- that is why I am running," Barnaby said of the emphasis on family.

Barnaby got a late start in race because he was hoping for GOP support, but party elders were leaning towards Ormond Beach Mayor Ed Kelley, whose candidacy never emerged.

A particularly-embarrassing situation for the Republicans is Republican booster Mori Hosseini's campaign backing of the Democrat Northey.

Headline Surfer® looked backed at the 2012 campaign season and saw that Hosseini also bankrolled Democrat Doug Daniels of Ormond Beach, in addition to Republicans Pat Patterson in 2012, and so far Northey and Republican Deb Denys of New Smyrna Beach.

Mori Hosseini of ICI HomesPhoto for Headline Surfer® /
Mori Hosseini, the millionaire custom home builder and Republican Party booster, has already contributed to the campaign of Democrat Pat Northey, which doesn't sit too well with Webster Barnaby, who like Northey, is challenging incumbent Joyce Cusack for her at-large seat on the Volusia County Council. Having previously contributed to the campaigns of Doug Daniels of Ormond Beach, a Democrat, and Pat Patterson, of DeLand, a Republican from DeLand, both of whom won their respective races in 2012, along with Hosseini money going to Republican Deb Denys in 2012 and again this time along with Northey, he has four of the seven current office holders potentially beholden to him. Hosseini wants a multi-million interchange off I-95 to run through Pioneer Trail in unincorporated Volusia County between the Port Orange and New Smyrna municipalities where he owns land on both sides of the interstate. It's on the westside that he wants to build his upscale Woodhaven housing development.

Barnaby said he and Hosseini had a frank discussion about the Northey support a couple of months ago and he was told the Republicans didn't have anyone.

Northey and Daniels, both Democrats, and Patterson and Denys, both Republicans have been noticeably voting as a block in recent months. 

Hosseini needs at least four votes on the County Council if he's to have a realistic chance of getting s musty-million interchange off I-95 through to Pioneer Trail where he owns land on both sides of the interstate with a large-scale development, Woodhaven, he wants to build on the westside.

Headline Surfer® was unable to reach Hosseini for comment later in the day and messages left with Northey and Cusack were not returned.

Campaign monies raised for at-large race / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® graphic / The finances raised in the race for the at-large race show incumbent Joyce Cusack in the lead over Pat Northey among the Democratic rivals while Webster Barnaby, the fresh GOP entrant, has some catching up to do. Qualifying continues until June 5. Should these three end up as final opponents they would square off in an August primary. Should none of them receive 50 percent plus o of the votes, then the top two would duke it out in November.

Cusack, with $13,050, has a slight edge in campaign monies raised compared to Northey with $11,825, while Barnaby has nothing in the coffers yet, having just filed. But he said he's confident he'll get the funding to compete.

"I have people ready to write checks," Barnaby said. "I've been all over this state."

"I have people ready to write checks," Barnaby said. "I've been all over this state."


Webster Barnaby, candidate for County Council at-large / Headline Surfer®Candidate Snapshot: Meet Webster Barnaby who is running for the Volusia County Council at-large seat Posted Thu, 2014-01-16 00:52

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