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Webster Barnaby photos in search engines / Headline Surfer®

Werbster Barnaby tops google search for at-large campaign / Headline Surfer®Webster Barnaby in Bing search engine / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer snapshots® /
A search for Webster Barnaby in Google images shows the dominance of the 24/7 internet newspaper with all but the second image from the left on the second row, which is from the DeLand Beacon and the last three  head shots to the right on the same row, which are from Central Florida News 13.
DAYTONA BEACH -- Coverage of Webster Barnaby's candidacy for the at-large Volusia County County seat against incumbent Joyce Cusack and her Council rival Pat Northey shot right to the top of the search engines within 30 minutes of posting on

There was the main announcement interview story and a sidebar candidate snapshot on Barnaby that were the freshest offerings Wednesday night.

Even searches for Cusack and Northey turned up the Barnaby coverage.

What was exciting, though, was much older coverage, including the Headline Surfer® endorsement for Barnaby in his 2012 elections drive for a seat on the Deltona City Commission. 

And when it comes to photos and graphics, the results are even more dominant in the 24/7 internet newspaper's favor. In fact, not a single image from print media showed up.

And when it comes to photos and graphics, the results are even more dominant in the 24/7 internet newspaper's favor. In fact, not a single image from print media showed up.

It's not unusual for Headline Surfer® to have the photo image highlighted in the major search engines, especially Google, when going head to head with the larger print outlets, whether it's the Daytona Beach News-Journal or the Orlando Sentinel.

The Headline Surfer® multimedia platform is tailor-made for photos, graphics and videos. Other media outlets that cover Volusia County's top newsmakers would be hard-pressed to match.

Even when searches were done overnight for Cusack and Northey, the Barnaby coverage came up as shown in these  twin snapshots of the other two candidates.

Joyce Cusack Webster Barnaby Pat Northey / Headline Surfer®Webster Barnaby Joyce Cusack Webster Barnaby
Daytona News-Journal Editor Pat Rice shows up in internet newspaper / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® snapshots / Image searches for Daytona Beach News Journal Editor Pat Rice come up under the 24/7 internet newspaper before his own publication as shown here.


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