Fan's perspective: Who's worse, Seattle loud-mouth Richard Sherman or Fox Sports with 3 post-game interviews?

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Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks defensive back, turns post-game interview with Fox's Erin Andrews into a rant. So what does Fox Sports producers do? They go to Sherman twice more in post-game coverage while a true hero in the 23-17 win, running back Marshawn Lynch, who scored a key touchdown, to help put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos, is ignored. 

LAKE MARY, Fla. -- How many of you out there in TV land watching the fast-paced post game with the Seattle' s thrilling victory over the San Francisco 49ers were sickened by defensive back Richard Sherman's rant with Fox's Erin Andrews?

Was it necessary for him to scream like he did-- to act like such a classless jerk?

And worse yet, how about Fox going back to him a second time with Terry Bradshaw? And then a third time with the larger Fox panel of talking heads?

And if that wasn't bad enough, bringing him back a third time for the big Fox panel? And yet the unheralded star of the game, Marshawn Lynch was forgotten by Fox.

What did Fox Sports producers behind the camera expect with Sherman, some kind of coronation? For him to break out in a dance or something?

It's not like Sherman is an unknown commodity to Fox's brain trust.

To us sports fans who follow the game religiously, we remember Sherman's tirades with ESPN's Skip Bayless a year ago where Sherman was as arrogant and self-centered as an athlete can be.

Sherman reminds me of another athlete from yester-year -- Thomas "Hollywood Henderson -- the all-pro linebacker with the Dallas Cowboys who would dunk the football over the crossbar after scoring a touchdown. He, too, had a big mouth, but at least he helped the Cowboys win a Super Bowl.

Now the onus will be on Richard Sherman when Seattle and Denver squate off in Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., the shared home of the New York Giants and New York Jets, on Feb. 2, Will he let his all-pro ability do his talking for him or will he again run his mouth?

Now the onus will be on Richard Sherman when Seattle and Denver play in the Super Bowl Will at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. the shared ho,me of the home of the New York Gisnts and New Yuork Jets, on Feb. 2. Will Sherman let his all-pro ability do his talking for him or will he again run his mouth?

For all his bravado with 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree when the game was well in hand for Seattle, Sherman could have shown a little class.

Yes, Crabtree dissed him, but Sherman should have been smart enough to understand the dejected 49er was reacting to a broken play and the reality that the game was lost -- but not bowing down to the great Richard Sherman!

As a soon to be 52-year-old lifelong sports fan, husband, father and former youth coach, who has followed the game's twists and turns since the early 1970s. I can't say I ever remember a post-game rant by someone like Sherman.

The closest thing that comes to mind is Deion Sanders dumping a bucket of ice on Fox baseball analyst Tim McCarver in the Braves locker room after Atlanta Cleveland to win the World Series. Sanders' boorish act was in reaction to criticism from the booth about his  suiting up for a Sunday night 49ers game while the Braves were in the series.

I don't know who I am more disgusted with right now after tonight's otherwise thrilling game: Richard Sherman for his behavior or Fox Sports for going back to him twice more after his over-the-top rant with a stunned Andrews?

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