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Scenes from fatal Feb. 6, 2014 crash by elderly woman into medical bldg in NSB / Headline Surfer®Editor's Note: This brief write-up below by New Smyrna Beach resident Stan Kapp is in response to Headline Surfer® community blogger Darlene Vann's "Musings" column published March 13, and headlined, "Too many old people left to fend for themselves behind the wheel and that's scary."
A link to Vann's blog is copied below Kapp's comments, which were verified by thge award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper with Florida authorities.
At left are scenes from a fatal crash that occurred Feb. 6 in New Smyrna Beach, in which an elderly woman driver drove into the Coronado medical building owned by Bert Fish Hospital.
A link to that story is below as well.
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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- All the investigating officer has to do is send the driver to be retested. I was hit several years ago in New Smyrna Beach by an elderly driver. The Florida Highway Patrol showed up and said the driver should not be operating a vehicle. And he was on oxygen while driving.

Only two entities can take a drivers license: the courts or the  Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Once a person has been issued a re-test order he or she has 30 days to appear at the DHSMV office for a complete exam, which includes eyes, hearing, written and practical driving demonstration. If they don't pass, then their license to drive is revoked.

We have the right to have only competent drivers on the road.

Blog: Musings by Darlene Vann 

Musings community blog by Darlene Vann of Edgewater, FL / Headline Surfer®Too many old people left to fend for themselves behind the wheel and that's scary
Posted Thu, 2014-03-13 20:16

Local stories on elderly drivers and fatal mishaps:

Car crashes into med bldg in NSB / Headline Surfer®NSB cops: Man killed, several others injured after elderly woman backs car into medical building
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Rose Bush drowned in 2012 when her car ended up in an Ormond Beach pond / Headline Surfer®Authorities: Elderly Ormond Beach woman drowned in submerged car in retention pond near her residence Posted Sat, 2012-09-29 06:25

Other Media Perspectives:

Graphic for elderly drivers / Headline Surfer®Give Me the Keys, Dad
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 MARCH 7 2012 6:50 AMWhy there’s no personal, societal, or governmental solution for what to do about elderly drivers


Here is a link to Florida Motor Vehicles on safety and elderly drivers:

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