Headline Surfer takes no position on Volusia County's half cent local infrastructure sales tax option

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla -- On May 21, a countywide referendum special election, by mail ballot, will be conducted by the Supervisor of Elections to allow Volusia County voters to decide if the proposed half-cent local infrastructure sales tax should be approved.

As the publisher of Headline Surfer and the fact that I live in neighboring Seminole County, I don't think it would be in anyone's best interest for the online news outlet to recommend how registered voters in Volusia County should vote - either way. 

Though I initially said in Facebook post earlier this week that Headline Surfer would endorse the initiative, I received sufficient feedback since then to give me reason to pause. I do know there is a genuine need for road and sidewalk improvements.

And clearly there are pressing environmental issues that are advervesly affecting the quality of the lakes, rivers and streams with such an over-reliance on aging septic systems: And this is a clear and present threat to the aquifer and drinking water.

Ben Johnson, the former longtime sheriff who was elected last year to the at-large seat on the council, had a convincing argument for the salesd tax option, stating in part, "We can't keep kicking this can down the road. Indeed, he's right about thaty.

And I haven't heard anyone opposed to it come up with a better way of tackling the vitally-need insfrastructure improvements that are backed up and will only increase in cost as time marches on.

The alternatives seem far more expnsive -- raising ad valorem taxes and or issuing tolls. Like this prosed half-cent sales tax, which would be added to the prices at the gas pump, tourists and daytrippers would share in the burden of covering some of the cost. 

You can read Volusia County's proposed ordinance by clicking here.

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