Night & Day: Sheriff Mike Chitwood's sorry-ass minstrel act fading while Jason Umberger, DeLand PD's top cop new beacon of strength & respect

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DELAND, FLA. -- 685 days have passed since Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the Scumbag Eradicator, was sworn into office. His first deliberate action: Ban  Central Florida's most prolific reporter from his press conferences, cut off the email media alerts, deny the press cards -- do everything he can to minimize the threat that he knows can upstage his mediocrity and overt cartoonish mannerisms.

More often than not, Chitwood will foam at the mouth,  spew some baseless bravado or use some hapless person's misfortune to rub salt in the wound in an attempt to build himself up. His inane taunting or belittling of another's misfortune is how he creates the illusion of strength where none exists to begin with.

And if you are Michael J. Chitwood, whose decade-long reign as Daytona's microphone-hogging flurry of verbal insults, Gong Show theatrics and all-around gaiety, eventually left Daytona as a veritable safe haven for the homeless, opportunistic panhandlers, street pushers, prostitutes, and emaciated-looking leather-skinned DUI offenders on bicycles dotting the aging and crumbling infrastructure. Under Chitwood's watch where creating the Scumbag Eradicator brand was easier than coming up with long-held po9licing strategies of building trust and raising the spirits of those struggling to pay the light bill. 

In the 10 years that Chitwood ignored the festering and the widening blight and decay, along with the overlay of opioids, guns, and precious-few good-paying jobs,  should anyone really be surprised by the end results. Daytona is the most dangerous of the I-4 corridor's Atlantic Coast when stacked up against Sanford and even Orlando.

Fast forward to the last two years where this reporter's recurring life-threatening injuries, is really starting to heal up, and eager to make Chitwood retreat with his latent-homosexual posture becoming stiffer competition.

But Chitwood's Volusia Vitriol this election year has opened a lot of eyes as to how vindictively vicious he has become with that forked-tongue and droopy eyelids. Chitwood is the minstrel ass clown, his voice winding up like a duck try to get a quack in...

Compare Chitwood to DeLand's top cop, Jason Umberger. He's tall and tough, physically lean where the uniform is crisp and clean... Even more revealing is Umberger's chiseled face, broad shoulders and professional delivery of news facts...

When Chitwood can't muster the scumbag references like the days of old, he'll just pull something dim-witted out of his ass at a crime scene with something so obvious, like. "We could have been a discussing a dead DeLand cop and a dead deputy."

Like who really would want a shoot-out to go opposite of what's intended for...

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