Top 500 Most Influential People of Volusia County (491-500)








498. Daytona Beach News-Journal Publisher Bill Offill puts himself at center of photo ops with Medallions of Excellencde winners; boasts of jobs fair at News-Journal Center which print newspaper doesn't own

499. Guy Mariande, testifies at condo tribunal that neighbors that neighbors waded in community pool without first using nearby pool shower

Guy Mariande of New Smyrna Beach is an insider at city hall / Headline Surfer®

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Guy Mariande is a fixture at New Smyrna Bech municipal meetings in dress shirts and baggy shirts that often ride up and leave little to the imagination. Sometimes he carries a throw away point-and-shoot camera and takes pictures of his wife, New Smyrna Beach City Commissioner Judy Reiker while she's on the dais and he's craning forward in a chair in the first or second row.

Mariande isn't one to miss out on a free meal like those of the Volusia League of Cities at taxpayer expense several times a year. He was once a boat captain for the Marine Discovery Center, but left under circumstances that neither he nor the MDC have ever reaky fully explained.

And Mariande has had two incidents with Headline Surfer® that demonstrated his boorish behavior and sef-righteous arrogance.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing involving Mariande was a June 14, 2012 tribunal at Bouchelle Island, the beachside condo complex east of the South Causeway Bridge that he and his wife call home where he accused two fellow homeowners of entering the community pool without first using the pool shower.

Mariande, a member of the homeowner's association ended the tribunal concluding, "The facts are quite straight forward, Mr. Mariande and his witnesses, Mr. and Mrs. (names omitted here by Headline Surfer®) all testified they observed Ms. and Mr. (names ommitted) enter the pool without using the pool shower."

But at the end of the tribunal, it was Mariande who was all washed up. The tribunal didn't buty his story after the couple in question testified they had showered in their residence prior to entering the pool. 

500. Former Flagler Avenue kingpin Robert Lott who frequents Rotary functions in SE Volusia in ratty clothes where the beer taps are flowing 

Robert Lott, former SEV chamber president, declared bankruptcy / Headline Surfer®Videos preoduced by Headline Surfer® Multimedia Editor Serafina King Frederick / Firat video shows Robert Lott pounding down the beers at a Rotary function at the Brannon Center last year. The remaining four videos showse the Robert & Michele Lott bankruptcy court hearing two years ago in Orlando.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Robert Lott was the kingpin of Flagler Avenue for a few years as a financial services consultant and owner of the weekly Observer newspaper, and even served on the indigent care taxing authority for Bert Fish, over several years in the years laeading up to 2012, but even with his insider connections, the 2009 Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce president went broke.

Lott had to abandon his failed financial services business on Flagler, moving the newspaper into the small Edgewater house he and his publisher-wife, Michele, owned, for a couple of months until that, too, weas forclosed on, forcing them to shut down the newspaper and seek federal bankruptcy protection for more than half a million bucks in debts.

When Lott landed in bankruptcy court in 2012, he and his wife owed more than half a million bucks to his creditors, including two widows, one of them 82 years old, who sued him alleging he defrauded her, an allegation he denied in the bankruptcy proceeding. Over the last couple of years, Lott, who has faded from the sportlight most of the year, still shows up at Rotary functions, wearing the same ratty clothese he's been seen in time and again, wherever the beer is flowing from the taps. He's also acted as his own doorman enforcer at such parties.







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