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DELAND, Fla. -- Your Voice is Needed in Politics.

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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- Although Colin Kaepernick's tactic of taking a knee shed light on a certain situation, let's not lose sight of the bigger picture most people aren't understanding about this whole National Anthem thing: The goal of the globalists is the dismantling of an American heritage, and thereby the destruction of our identity as a nation.

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SANFORD, Fla. -- Everyone has one picture they feel is their best shot. This is mine taken in 1996, in New York by Pulitzer Prize-finalist photographer Arty Pommerantz. I call it the Glamour Shot. This will be the image used when I'm gone. I'm not there yet. I still have some unfinished business I'd like to see through:

DEBARY, Fla. -- Thank you to Melody McSorley Johnson, chairwoman of the Volusia County School Board for having a great Q & A about the School Board at the Republican Club of Southwest Volusia. 

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ESSEX, VT -- ESPN should be ashamed of themselves hiring these political radicals posing as sports commentators.

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ESSEX, VT -- Disgusting is what comes to mind regarding offensive comments by a CBS attorney against the GOP following the carnage in Las Vegas. 

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ESSEX, VT -- In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas with 58 dead and 500-plus injured, to witness this carnage again and again as a free people?

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SANFORD, Fla. -- This has been a very trying week for my wife, Sera King-Frederick, as she has a very large family in Puerto Rico, spread out throughout the commonwealth.

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SANFORD, Fla. -- My wife, Sera King-Frederick, is a native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, who was raised in Aguada, both communiities on the western side of the island.

She and other family members here in Sanford, Lake Mary and Orlando, have had very little contact with literally dozens of loved ones on the island, many of them forced to feek shelter, their homes reduced to rubble.