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When asked what America ’s leadership should do do to help us celebrate the Fourth of July, Charlene Wells, roving service banker, with Wachovia here in New Smyrna Beach had a ready answer: I want them to do something to give us lower gas prices and improve the economy.

When asked for specific things she thought they should do she declined to give any suggestions. This, however, opens the door for a torrent of suggestions.

To lower the price of gasoline we should immediately start drilling in many of the forbidden places such as ANWAR in Alaska and the off-shore regions.

So child killer Mark Dean Schwab, 31, was put to death by lethal injection Tuesday night for the 1991 rape and murder of 11-year-old Junny Rio-Martinez after befriending the Cocoa boy and his family by pretending to be a newspaper reporter and kidnapping him. Justice finally came for the grieving parents 17 years later. I would have loved to have witnessed his execution like I did in 2002, when serial killer Aileen Wuornos was strapped down to the gurney.

One of the most widely accepted myths in America is that business regulation is necessary to protect the consumer. When asked the question, what is the purpose of business regulations, Robin Keenen an LPN in Dr. Russell Perry’s office answered after long deliberation that she guessed it was to protect the consumer. This is the answer you would get from most people.

The sad truth of the situation is much different. The real function of business regulation is to perpetuate a monopoly position for those writing the regulations.

We have upgraded the look of as part of our effort to expand our coverage of Southeast Volusia. There are, however, some unexpected glitches that may require you to hit your refresh with your mouse to the right of the URL line or by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Because it is the weekend, these glitches may not be fixed right away. We appreciate your patience and hope you like the new look of the Home page.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Recall that I recently explained that a new attack on the net ban law that was passed overwhelmingly in 1994 by the Florida voters would take place at the FWC meeting in Dania earlier this month.

It was not a big surprise that the News Journal closed their offices in New Smyrna Beach, Deland and Palm Coast. Here in New Smyrna, they really didn't appear to have their heart in covering us in New Smyrna to begin with. It probably wasn't much different at their other locations.
One thing I find amusing is that they plan to raise the price of the Newspaper. Does that mean that their coverage of New Smyrna, Deland and Palm Coast was so bad that the paper is worth more without it?

The Daytona Beach News-Journal fired 99 employees and closed its New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast and DeLand bureaus today. The Daily Journal, the zoned local section has also been eliminated. And get this: The ownership is going to raise the rates for home delivery and the Sunday paper is going up by 25 cents to $1.50 starting this Sunday. You are going to get even less news now and pay more for it. But there's a way you can tell the News-Journal owners this new arrangement is unacceptable: Don't buy their newspaper. Cancel your subscription.

Watching the Volusia County School Board and the Volusia County, NSB, Edgewater and Oak Hill governments grapple with revenue shortfalls makes Volusians ask the question: What could they have done better? The management, faculty and staff at Daytona Beach College, which includes a campus right here in New Smyrna Beach, provide some insight into what can be done.

It all started several years ago when D. Kent Sharples took over as president. He was cost conscious right from the start.

I know firsthand because I am on the DBC Board of Trustees.

We have reached a milestone -- 25,000 hits. And so our thanks go out to all of you who have gone online and typed in since we made our launch April 11. We hope that you are enjoying the local news coverage and the wire stories for national and world news, sports and Hollywood -- all constantly updated.
While print media continues to struggle, there are many growth opportunities here in cyber space.

It just goes to show that you don't need to be a millionaire to produce a news product. All you need is competent journalism experience, the Internet and a will to succeed.

Today is my holiday -- Father's Day. I am a father and have a father. I am blessed. I have so many memories of my father, who I look up to as my ultimate hero. He was a big influence in my development from an early age. And now, I'm using the benchmark he provided to raise my own son, Henry IV, who is 14. My father taught me courage and toughness. The same things I am now trying to pass on to my son.