100. NSB environmentalist Barbara Herrin dies: Backed Jim Hathaway en route to 2012 County Council primary win

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Jim Hathaway won the 2012 primary after the internet newspaper debate / Headline Surfer®Internet newspaper Pubisher Henry Frederick hosts NSB debates in 2012 / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® photos  /
The late Barbara Herrin (shown in the inset below), who died on June 28 at age 69, after a lengthy illness, was instrumental in helping Jim Hathaway win the district 3 County Council primary in 2012. Hathaway is seated between Deb Denys and Justin Kennedy at a pre-primary public candidate debate at the Brannon Center moderated by Henry Frederick, publisher of the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper, which sponsored more than a dozen municipal and county debates for the 2012 election cycle. You can watch videos of the 2012 primary & general election debates for this particular race at the bottom of the story.

Barbara Herrin of NSB dies at 69 in June 2014 / Headline Surfer®NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Back in the 2012 election cycle, Jim Hathaway needed a strong endorsement while locked in a three-way primary battle for the district 3 seat on the County Council.

So he called on environmentalist Barbara Herrin, a one-time candidate for the seat herself.

And while Hathaway was criticized by his opponents, then-Edgewater City Councilman Justin Kennedy and ex-Volusia County School Board member Deb Denys, Herrin didn't hesitate to lend her name to the fellow conservative's campaign.

And Hathaway, a registered Democrat, won the non-partisan primary, even though Kennedy, too, was a Democrat.

Though he would come up short in the November run-off election against Denys, Hathaway was appreciative of Herrin's help.

And a few days after Herrin's death on June 28 of this year, at the age of 69, Hathaway was stoic, telling Headline Surfer®, "Barbara Herrin was a fine lady and a strong conservative for environmental causes," Hathaway told Headline Surfer®.

Barbara Herrin's death comes in at No. 100 in the HeadlineSurfer.com Countdown of the Top 100 stories of 2014.

And a few days after Herrin's death on June 28 of this year, at the age of 69, Hathaway was stoic, telling Headline Surfer®, "Barbara Herrin was a fine lady and a strong conservative for environmental causes," Hathaway told Headline Surfer®. 

Barbara Herrin's death comes in at No. 100 in the HeadlineSurfer.com Countdown of the Top 100 stories of 2014.

Hathaway had just announced his candidacy for mayor of New Smyrna Beach just weeks before Herrin's passing, which he won in the November elections. That hotly contested municipal race as well as several of this year's big stories involving Kennedy and Denys will be highlighted further up in the countdown.

Herrin, popular in New Smyrna Beach and throughout the Sunshine State for her pro-environment stances and her Sierra Club's advocacy in support of preserving wildlife habitat and drinking water, told the internet newspaper she was pleased to support her fellow conservative, even though Hathaway's ideology was more along the lines of less government and lower taxes.

"It's a pleasure supporting a fiscal conservative like James Hathaway who understands how important our work is," Herrin said.

"It's a pleasure supporting a fiscal conservative like James Hathaway who understands how important our work is," Barbara Herrin told Headline Surfer®.

With GOP incumbent Joie Alexander opting not to seek re-election, Hathaway knew the seat was attainable not just to him but either of the other two, which is why he courted Herrin.

And it worked.

On Aug. 12, Headline Surfer published an endorsement letter from the Sierra Club and Herrin in support of Hathaway's candidacy. And Hathaway won the the subsequent primary two days later with 5,468 votes or 36.28 percent. Denys was second with 5,364 votes or 35.59 percent and Kennedy finished a distant third and out of the running with 4,240 votes or 28.13 percent.

Sierra Club & Barbara Herrin support Jim Hathaway in 2012 county council race / Headline Surfer®Jim Hathaway wins 2012 primary for county council / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® graphic / 
Thanks in part to the endorsement of Barbara Herrin and the Sierra Club letter published two days prior to the Aug. 14 primary in a HeadlineSurfer.com story, Jim Hathaway won the primary election in the three-way race for district 3 County Council. but not by enough of a margin (50% plus 1 vote) with Deb Denys coming in second. Denys went on to defeat Hathaway in the November runoff.
Hathaway came back strong in 2014, however, winning the race for mayor of New Smyrna Beach while Denys won re-election in the August primary with just over 50 percent over Justin Kennedy, the third candidate from 2012, and a newcomer, David Machuga.
Additional stories are on Hathaway, Denys, Kennedy and Machuga will come later in the countdown.

But in the November elections with the Republican Party riding the GOP presidential ticket of Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan with a Biketoberfest rally in Daytona Beach, Hathaway was beaten down by the related anti-Obamacare theme Denys and other GOP candidates used with even greater frequency after the primary with the presidential election on the same ballot.

Denys benefitted from the late-surging Republican wave and edged Hathaway in the runoff, with 22639 votes or 51.6 percent to Hathaway's 21,234 votes or 48.4 percent.

The election propelled a no-name candidate, Gulf War hero and Republican Jason Davis, to a huge win for the county council seat with a plurality of 20,000 votes over registered Democrat Carl Persis.

in his quest for the county chair seat by a plurality of more than 20,000 votes over Democrat Carl Persis. Still, Hathaway was appreciative of Herrin for her support.

"Barbara Herrin cared very much about the environment and New Smyrna Beach and she will be missed, but not forgotten," Hathaway said.

Obituary listing for Barbara J. Herrin, 62, staunch environmentalist

Sierra Club was close to NSB resident Barbara Herrin's heart / Headline Surfer®Sierra Club of Florida / Headline Surfer®Barbara Herrin of New Smyrna Beach, environmentalist, died in June 2014 / Headline Surfer®Barbara J. Herrin, 69, of New Smyrna Beach, passed away on June 28, 2014. A memorial service was held July 3, 2014, at Lohman Funeral Home in Daytona Beach.
Barbara Herrin was born in Missouri, but grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, and went to UNC Chapel Hill, graduating with a BA in English. 
She was a stewardess for Delta, then moved to Daytona Beach and started her career in banking (while also getting her private pilot's license); married her flight instructor and continued in banking while raising her two sons alone after she got divorced. She also took care of both parents during their final years. She worked her way up to assistant vice president of SunTrust. After leaving banking, she worked for Volusia County as director of HUD Affordable Housing.
Barbara Herrin always loved nature, and became active in environmental issues; she soon teamed up with the activist attorney, Lesley Blackner of Palm Beach, and for 20 years they worked on many issues of unsustainable growth in Florida's fragile environment. Both were passionate in their belief that "we are just passing through and are only caretakers of the earth for the next generation."
Barbara Herrin also was active with the Corridor 44 Association, Spruce Creek Preserve, Historical Society, Edgewater Citizen's Alliance for Responsible Development or ECARD, among others.
She is survived by her two sons, Delmer Lee Cromer Jr and James Christopher Cromer, both of New Smyrna Beach; her sisters, Cynthia H. Evans of North Carolina and Harriet E. Herrin of Port Orange, FL; her granddaughter Chloe C. Cromer; two paternal aunts, Mahalia C. Connell (age 98) and Delphia A. Hayes (age 92), both of North Carolina; and numerous cousins.
Throughout Barbara Herrin's illness, her caregivers were Charles Steele, Mary Sinclair, and special friend, Pam Winchester. She received amazing care and treatment from the wonderful doctors and nurses at Bert Fish Hospital in New Smyrna Beach.

Multimedia: A look back at the 2012 Public Candidate Debates: District 3 County Council

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Headline Surfer® videos by Multimedia Editor Serafina King-Frederick /
Deb Denys, Jim Hathaway and Justin Kennedy go at it in this HeadlineSurfer.com Public Candidate Debate at the Brannon Center in New Smyrna Beach prior to the August primary. Henry Frederick, publisher of the internet newspaper, was the moderator.
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Headline Surfer® videos produced by Multimedia Editor Serafina King-Frederick /
Jim Hathaway and Deb Denys square off in this 2012 HeadlineSurfer.com Public Candidate Debate moderated by Publisher Henry Frederick prior to the November elections. 


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