Coke Zero 400 lap by lap

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is a lap by lap rundown of the Coke Zero 400 won by Kevin Harvick, courtesy of

Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR and posted courtesy of NASCAR.

The race’s eighth caution came out in lap 148 as 19 cars were collected in the "big one" and the red flag shown at Daytona International Speedway.

Here is the lap breakdown:

Lap 166 -- CHECKERED FLAG: After starting on the pole, Kevin Harvick holds off Kasey Kahne to win the Coke Zero 400. Jeff Gordon finishes third, followed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. in fourth.

Lap 165 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick takes the lead. WHITE FLAG

Lap 164 -- GREEN FLAG NO. 1: Clint Bowyer leads the field to green and gets a push from Jeff Gordon.

Lap 162 -- Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick will own the front row on the restart.

Lap 161 -- Kasey Kahne has moved into third and will battle Kevin Harvick for second on the restart.

Lap 160 -- A green-white-checkered finish is in order at Daytona. Kurt Busch is off of pit road with another set of tires and is back on the track.

Lap 159 -- LEAD CHANGE: Clint Bowyer gets a push and takes the lead. YELLOW FLAG NO. 9: Sam Hornish Jr. is into the wall out of Turn 4 and collects Kurt Busch along the way. Busch is out of the car and has his head in his hands out of frustration.

Lap 158 -- Jeff Gordon leads another lap.

Lap 157 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon passes the RCR cars for the lead. Clint Bowyer is in second and Kevin Harvick is in third.

Lap 156 -- Jeff Gordon reclaims the second spot. Kasey Kahne moves into fourth.

Lap 155 -- Kasey Kahne moves up to second as Clint Bowyer maintains the lead. Sam Hornish Jr. has dropped to 10th.

Lap 154 -- Jeff Gordon moves up to second but is chased closely by Kevin Harvick.

Lap 153 -- Clint Bowyer holds off Carl Edwards and leads another lap.

Lap 152 -- GREEN FLAG: Clint Bowyer leads the field to green from the outside, followed by Carl Edwards in second and Kevin Harvick in third.

Lap 150 -- Kurt Busch is the last of 20 cars on the lead lap.

Lap 149 -- Clint Bowyer stays out. Kurt Busch pits to take a look at the car and have his quarter panels banged on. Kevin Harvick gets tires and is the first to leave pit road.

Lap 148 -- YELLOW FLAG NO 8: The Big One has happened at Daytona after more than a dozen cars are collected. RED FLAG: Mark Martin is out of the No. 5, which continues to have flames coming from it. Ryan Newman and Joey Logano are out of their cars.

Lap 146 -- LEAD CHANGE: Clint Bowyer takes the lead from the top as Kevin Harvick settles into second.

Lap 145 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick leads the field to green from the inside, with Clint Bowyer taking the outside lane on the restart. Kurt Busch and Jeff Burton round out the second row. Reed Sorenson and Sam Hornish Jr. restart on the third row.

Lap 142 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick gets a push from Clint Bowyer to take the lead. YELLOW FLAG NO 7: Mark Martin and Matt Kenseth slide through the track, racing back in the pack. Greg Biffle catches a piece of the wall as well.

Lap 141 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field to green as teammates and individual drivers contemplate their final moves toward the front.

Lap 138 -- LEAD CHANGE: After posting a fast time on pit road, Kurt Busch takes the lead, followed by Kevin Harvick, in second and Sam Hornish Jr. in third.

Lap 136 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Robert Richardson Jr. and David Stremme are sliding through the grass after Stremme gets in the wall and collects the No. 37. Jeff Burton pits and calls the car perfect; he gets four tires and fuel. Kurt Busch gets fuel, tires and wins the race off of pit road. Kevin Harvick moves up three positrons to second.

Lap 135 -- Jeff Burton holds off Kevin Harvick to lead another lap. Kurt Busch makes his way into second.

Lap 134 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton is back to leading the field.

Lap 133 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick takes the lead.

Lap 132 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch takes the lead.

Lap 131 -- LEAD CHANGE: Clint Bowyer takes back the lead.

Lap 130 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick passes Clint Bowyer to take the lead.

Lap 129 -- LEAD CHANGE: Clint Bowyer passes Tony Stewart for the lead. Lap 128 -- LEAD CHANGE: Tony Stewart takes back the top spot as drivers become more aggressive in their charge toward the front.

Lap 126 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton takes the lead from Tony Stewart. Kurt Busch has worked his way back toward the front and is now in second and challenging Burton for the lead.

Lap 125 -- Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick pass Tony Stewart as the No. 14 drops to third.

Lap 123 -- Jeff Burton moves into second as Kevin Harvick drops to fifth.

Lap 121 -- GREEN FLAG: Tony Stewart leads the field to green and is being challenged by Kevin Harvick, who took four new tires against Stewart's two.

Lap 120 -- LEAD CHANGE: Steve Park heads to pit road, giving Tony Stewart the lead. Stewart took two tires to gain his track position.

Lap 119 -- LEAD CHANGE: Steve Park stays off of pit road and takes the lead. Tony Stewart moves into second.

Lap 118 -- Clint Bowyer pits, gets four tires. Brad Keselowski is loose, then tight and gets a wedge adjustment. Tony Stewart takes two tires, gains eight spots and wins the race off of pit road. Kevin Harvick takes four tires.

Lap 116 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Martin Truex Jr., Jamie McMurray and David Ragan slide across the track after Ragan gets loose and slams into the wall. Matt Kenseth heads to pit road with what appears to be a flat tire -- gets two new tires.

Lap 115 -- Tony Stewart is making his way toward the top 10 and is currently racing in 12th.

Lap 113 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton gets around Jeff Gordon and takes the lead.

Lap 112 -- LEAD CHANGE: Mark Martin has trouble handling the car as Juan Montoya finds the front.

Lap 110 -- Mark Martin leads the field to green from the outside and holds off a charging Juan Montoya.

Lap 107 -- LEAD CHANGE: Mark Martin stays off of pit road and takes the lead. Seven drivers get the wave around and are back on the lead lap (Elliott Sadler, Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose, Paul Menard, David Reutimann, Ryan Newman and Regan Smith).

Lap 105 -- Jimmie Johnson pits, gets a chassis adjustment. Jeff Gordon gets a fresh set of tires. Martin Truex Jr. gets an air adjustment. Jeff Burton wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 104 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton moves to the front.

Lap 103 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Juan Montoya appears to have hooked Kyle Busch into the wall.

Lap 100 -- Denny Hamlin pits under green with a loose car. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is loose and tops off his fuel. Juan Montoya gets four tires and a track adjustment.

Lap 99 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is on pit road, gets an adjustment and tires. Brad Keselowski gets snugged up and four tires. Kurt Busch wants more grip and has his rear end lowered. David Reutimann gets tires. Jeff Gordon reports a vibration in the rear, gets four tires and fuel. Joey Logano is losing grip and gets an adjustment. Elliott Sadler nearly slips through his stall, gets four tires.

Lap 98 -- Kyle Busch continues to be chased by four Chevrolets driven by Jeff Burton, Jimmie Johnson, Jamie McMurray and Juan Montoya.

Lap 96 -- Jeff Burton has raced his way into second,passing Jimmie Johnson. Burton reports the car is a little loose, but handling well.

Lap 93 -- Jeff Burton passes Juan Montoya for third. Jimmie Johnson reports the car is building toward the loose side and requests an adjustment during his next trip down pit road.

Lap 92 -- Thirty-seven cars remain on the lead lap. Kyle Busch continues to lead. Lap 91 -- Juan Montoya can't pass Jimmie Johnson and remain in third. Lap 90 -- Several drivers in the top 10 skipped pit road earlier and will have to make a stop under green within the next six or seven laps in order to remain competitive.

Lap 89 -- Kyle Busch holds off Jimmie Johnson to maintain the lead. Kurt Busch goes sideways out of the corner but saves the car.

Lap 87 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is loose through the turn but is holding on to the third spot. Juan Montoya and Jeff Burton are doing battle for fourth as Jamie McMurray slides back a few spots and backs off the loose car of Hornish Jr.

Lap 86 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch gets a push from Jimmie Johnson and shoots past Sam Hornish Jr.

Lap 85 -- Jamie McMurray continues his move toward the front, claiming the fourth spot after passing Juan Montoya.

Lap 84 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is holding off Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson for the top spot.

Lap 80 -- Jimmie Johnson has crept back toward the front and is running strong in third.

Lap 79 -- LEAD CHANGE: Sam Hornish Jr. uses the outside lane to move past Denny Hamlin.

Lap 78 -- Kurt Busch is making his way toward the front again after serving a speeding penalty. He is currently in 13th.

Lap 77 -- Daytona 500 winner Jamie McMurray finds the 10th spot after starting 17th.

Lap 76 -- LEAD CHANGE: Denny Hamlin takes the lead, passing Juan Montoya on the inside.

Lap 75 -- Thirty-seven cars remain on the lead lap as Joey Logano rounds out the top 10.

Lap 74 -- LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya passes Jeff Gordon for the lead. Lap 73 -- Juan Montoya is back into second, passing Brad Keselowski.

Lap 71 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon finds the front again. Dale Earnhardt Jr. finds the top 10 and moves into eighth despite reporting a stiff car.

Lap 70 -- LEAD CHANGE: An aggressive Brad Keselowski gets the edge on Jeff Gordon and takes the lead. Denny Hamlin finds the third spot.

Lap 69 -- GREEN FLAG: Jeff Gordon leads the field to green, followed by Brad Keselowski.

Lap 68 -- Brad Keselowski remains in second after starting the race in 26th.

Lap 67 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: A.J. Allmendinger gets loose, connects with Kyle Busch, slides down the track and into the wall. Mike Bliss gets the free pass. Kasey Kahne hits pit road, gets a track bar adjustment. Jimmie Johnson gets two tires. Elliott Sadler leaves pit road with a set of new tires.

Lap 64 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon edges past Juan Montoya for the lead. Brad Keselowski moves into third.

Lap 63 -- GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya leads the field to green. Reed Sorenson is in third after starting the race from 24th in a backup car.

Lap 61 -- Jeff Burton has requested his team put a light on the top of his pit marker after having trouble finding his spot on pit road. Kurt Busch is flagged for exiting too fast from pit road and will lose a fair amount of track position.

Lap 60 -- Kurt Busch gets four tires. Kyle Busch continues to have work done on his car. Jimmie Johnson gets a chassis adjustment.

Lap 58 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Debris from J.J. Yeley brings out the yellow. Jeff Gordon pits, gets four tires. Juan Montoya pits, describes car is loose.

Lap 56 -- LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya finds the front as drivers being to pit. Elliott Sadler gets four tires. J.J. Yeley is limping around the track with a blown tire. Tony Stewart pits, gets four tires. Jeff Burton pits, reports a loose car and misses his pit stall under green.

Lap 55 -- Kasey Kahne moves into eighth.

Lap 54 -- Jeff Gordon is back into fifth. Elliott Sadler drops to fourth. Juan Montoya moves into second.

Lap 53 -- Kurt Busch passes Elliott Sadler for second.

Lap 52 -- Jamie McMurray finds the top 10 after starting 17th. Matt Kenseth heads to pit road, gets four tires and is on his way.

Lap 51 -- Elliott Sadler holds on to second as Juan Montoya moves into third.

Lap 50 -- LEAD CHANGE: Sam Hornish Jr. finds the top spot again. Jimmie Johnson thanks his crew for new tires after inspection reveals his right-rear tire was about to blow before heading to pit road.

Lap 48 -- Jimmie Johnson pits, gets four tires and fuel.

Lap 47 -- Juan Montoya races in fifth, reporting a loose car. Jimmie Johnson is loose is well but continues to hold onto fifth.

Lap 46 -- David Reutimann races into second, passing Sam Hornish Jr., in third.

Lap 43 -- LEAD CHANGE: Elliott Sadler reclaims the lead as drivers fall off of Sam Hornish Jr. who appears to be racing loose toward the front.

Lap 42 -- LEAD CHANGE: Sam Hornish Jr. takes the lead from Elliott Sadler.

Lap 41 -- LEAD CHANGE: Elliott Sadler used the outside and passed Kurt Busch for the lead. Busch reports he is tight while racing behind other cars and loose when leading the field.

Lap 40 -- Tony Stewart hasn't made much of a move and is in 30th after starting the race from the back.

Lap 39 -- Ryan Newman moves into eighth after starting in 14th. Elliott Sadler moves back into second and is being chased by David Reutimann, in third.

Lap 38 -- Brad Keselowski continues to race in the top 10 after starting in 26th.

Lap 37 -- Jimmie Johnson moves into fourth, passing Sam Hornish Jr.

Lap 36 -- Juan Montoya moves into fourth after starting 22nd. Jimmie Johnson moves into fifth. Greg Biffle drops to 29th after changing just two tires.

Lap 35 -- Kurt Busch continues to pull the field around Daytona. David Reutimann moves into second after starting the race in 19th.

Lap 34 -- Kevin Harvick drops to seventh. Carl Edwards continues to round out the top 10.

Lap 33 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch takes back the lead.

Lap 32 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick reclaims the lead for the 12th lead change of the race. Kyle Busch manages to stay on the lead lap after an unscheduled pit stop for a loose wheel.

Lap 31 -- Kevin Harvick passes Sam Hornish Jr. for second. Kurt Busch continues to lead.

Lap 30 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kurt Busch finds the front, passing Elliott Sadler. Sam Hornish Jr. moves into second.

Lap 29 -- LEAD CHANGE: Elliott Sadler takes the lead from Kyle Busch. Busch heads to pit road with what he thinks is a loose wheel.

Lap 28 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch edges Elliott Sadler at the finish line to take the lead.

Lap 26 -- Elliott Sadler continues to lead on fresh tires. Kevin Harvick passes Kyle Busch for second.

Lap 24 -- LEAD CHANGE: Elliott Sadler moves into first in the No. 19, with Kyle Busch on his back. Sadler took four tires on his first pit stop. Lap 23 -- Carl Edwards rounds out the top 10 as Kevin Harvick continues to lead the field. Elliott Sadler moves into third.

Lap 22 -- Martin Truex Jr. moves into fourth after starting in 18th.

Lap 21 -- Brad Keselowski started 26th and has moved all the way into third.

Lap 20 -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick leads the field to green, followed by Greg Biffle (second), Kyle Busch (third) and Kurt Busch (fourth).

Lap 18 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick will lead the field to green.

Lap 17 -- Most of the field heads to pit roads. Greg Biffle gets two tires. Kyle Busch gets four tires. Kevin Harvick wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 16 -- Drivers are discussing adjustments with their crew chiefs while waiting to make their pit stops. Max Papis and Dave Blaney have gone behind the wall.

Lap 15 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch takes the lead from Greg Biffle for the sixth lead change of the race. YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: A competition yellow has been called. There will be no free pass.

Lap 14 -- LEAD CHANGE: Greg Biffle passes Kevin Harvick for the lead.

Lap 13 -- Jeff Gordon disappears from the top 10 and finds a place in line in 13th.

Lap 12 -- Kyle Busch has settled in to second, right behind Kevin Harvick. Greg Biffle races into third.

Lap 11 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick won't go away and takes back the top spot.

Lap 10 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Gordon continues a strong run early and takes the lead.

Lap 8 -- Carl Edwards moves into seventh, up six spots since the start of the race.

Lap 7 -- Jimmie Johnson drops to fifth. Jeff Gordon moves up to third.

Lap 6 -- Kasey Kahne has already made a strong move on position, improving 11 spots since the start of the race.

Lap 5 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick reclaims the lead. Tony Stewart reports the front end of his car seems a little too high.

Lap 4 -- Jimmie Johnson and teammate Jeff Gordon battle for third. Johnson holds off the No. 24. Lap 3 -- Kyle Busch moves past Jimmie Johnson to claim the second spot. Jeff Burton moves up two spot to eighth.

Lap 2 -- Jeff Gordon has moved up to third after starting fifth.

Lap 1 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick gets off to a good start but couldn't hold off Jimmie Johnson on the outside as the No. 48 takes the lead.

9:24 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Kevin Harvick brings the field to the green for 160 laps at Daytona.

9:18 p.m. -- Officials have announced a competition caution at Lap 15. 9:10 p.m. -- The cars are rolling off pit road for their warm-up laps.

9:05 p.m. -- Bobby Labonte give the command: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

8:56 p.m. -- Drivers and crew members have made their way to their cars as track dryers complete their final laps around Daytona.

8:51 p.m. -- Rain covers are coming off of cars and drivers are making their way to pit road.

8:50 p.m. -- Drivers haven't been called to their cars yet, but on-track reports indicate that we're getting closer to green as the track continues to dry.

8:13 p.m. -- The rain has stopped and the dryers continue to make their way around the track at Daytona.

7:52 p.m. -- Saturday's race has been delayed due to rain as light showers make their way through Daytona. Track dryers are on the track.

7:31 p.m. -- Darius Rucker performs the national anthem.

7:30 p.m. -- Pastor Corwin Lasenby Sr. from New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church delivers the Invocation.

7:12 p.m. -- Rain has made its way to the track as driver introductions continue.

6:30 p.m. -- Countdown to Green is under way on TNT. 6:05 p.m. ET -- It's currently 80 degrees at Daytona International Speedway as drivers, fans and officials prepare for tonight's Coke Zero 400. Weather reports point to a 50 percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening. Green flag is set for 7:52 p.m. ET.

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