Conventioneer’s perspective: Romney and Ryan ready to go

TAMPA -- The 2012 Republican National Convention was my second as a delegate. Four years ago, I went under the McCain/Palin ticket. I was excited but not nearly as much as this time with Romney-Ryan.

I believe most of us had our doubts that the McCain candidacy was strong enough to beat the Obama machine.

This time you could feel the energy in the air. We all know it is going to be a tough race, but after the country has lived under the Obama administration these last 3.5 years, we believe it is a fight we can win.

As someone who has been active, I know a great deal about Romney already, but the general public did not know him, at least not until the convention. They are busy with everyday lives, just trying to make the bills.

Going in this convention, my thoughts were that the public needs to see a person they can relate to.

Face it, to the outside would the Romney’s look “too perfect,” so how could they understand the everyday person.

This convention needed to personalize them, and that it did. Ann Romney was the best perspective first lady speech I ever heard. She made the public see Mitt Romney not just a business man, but a strong family man as well. She hit it home when she said they are not a fairytale marriage because in fairytales you do not have MS and breast cancer.

They have a real marriage that people can relate to.

For Ryan he was able to speak against the current administration but also showcase a mother that went from being a homemaker to widow to small business owner and senior citizen.

This helps show America that Ryan would protect our seniors because his mother is one of them as well and he is a loving son with all the family living in close proximately to each other in the same town.

The final night was a slam dunk because most of us have not heard about the charitable works Mitt Romney has performed personally. Most of us know he has given a great deal of money to church and charity, but the person acts of kindness like giving a terminally ill boy a box of fireworks to bring joy to him during his last days on this earth touched all of us.

The public was able to see the home movies and pictures through the years showing a loving, strong family that we could relate to.

The Obama machine wants to paint him as an evil business man, but the convention let the public know Romney is caring family man, humanitarian and a smart businessman that can turn this country around. 

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