Crunch time in race for the White House

DEBARY -- With the presidential election looming fast, it's crunch time in the Sunshine State. Florida is a swing state and we are critical to Mit Romney’s success.

With Florida’s 29 electoral votes, as Florida, so goes the election. The other the swing states have importance, but  fewer electoral votes: Ohio, the next biggest at 18, followed by Virginia with13 and Wisconsin with 10.

Never before in history has one state, Florida, held the power to decide the next president. The polls show the two in a dead heat. In the first debate Romney crushed Obama; the second debate was a draw – thus Obama failed to make any real progress. I believe people are clearly seeing the failures of the Obama administration, the lack of any real leadership from Obama; no new ideas – just a rehash of the same failed liberal ideology.

The public is smarter than Obama thinks: the country needs a change and everyone in Florida knows it. Richard Nixon referred to the “silent majority" -- the good people who work hard, pay taxes, do their best, take care of their families, and want limited government and economic opportunity.

I believe “Florida’s silent majority” will come out in force on election day and give Romney a huge victory.  I was at the Romney/Ryan rally in Daytona Beach during Biketoberfest. It was packed with people from all walks of life: Bikers and businessmen, young and old, blue collar and white collar.

There were 10,000 at the rally  and you could feel the excitement of the attendees. This is just one event of many that are happening in Florida, but this one was very important to me because it happened here in Volusia County where I was raised.

I have lived here since I was 4 years old; grew up in DeLand and worked in the Daytona/Ormond area. I have seen how local people have been hit hard by this economy. Driving home from the rally, I passed businesses that have closed their doors because of the economic downturn and there are many more struggling to stay open.

How many of us know of businesses that have been around for years and just expected to always be there?

Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.

The problem is this economy is making those small town businesses close their doors. With less money in our pockets many of us can’t afford to go out to eat or go to the movies. We prolong getting things fixed unless absolutely necessary or just do something special for ourselves because we just do not have the money. As Ronald Reagan so brilliantly stated in the 1980 election: “If you're afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside. The people of this country are ready to move again”

President Obama, it is time for you to get out of the way and stand aside. President Romney will ensure that Florida -- and all of America -- moves toward a bright and better future.

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