Daytona-Orlando area residents show support for victims of Paris terrorist attacks

Geraldine Clinton of Oak Hill, Florida, displays French flag with her Facebook photo / Headline Surfer®YouTube downloads by Headline Surfer® / Videos by AP / Raw footage of aftermath of terrorirst attacks Friday in Paris at six venues that left more than 120 people dead people dead and at least eight suspected terrorists killed.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Geraldine Morgan Clinton used a Facebook app to place her profile photo with a flag of France in the background as a show of "support for the people of Paris" in the wake of Friday's terrorist attacks with ISIS claiming responsibility for six coordinated bombings or gunfire that led to bloodshed.

"That was a cold calculated & merciless plan of attack," Clinton, an Oak Hill-area cattle rancher told Headline Surfer®."

As expected, reaction here in greater Daytona Beach overnight Friday when news of the attacks dominated the cable news outlets was one of anger and it continued into the weekend as more details emerged about the terrorists and rheir targets. Undersatandably, people throughout the greater Daytona Beach-Orlando metro area were shocked and outraged. 

"If you didn't realize we are in World War 3 already - hope you all know now," Michele Miller of New Smyrna Beach said in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Michele Miller of New Smyrna Beach reacts to terrorist attacks iin Paris / Headline Surfer

As expected, reaction here in greater Daytona Beach overnight Friday when news of the attacks dominated the cable news outlets was one of shock and anger. And people throughout the greater Daytona Beach-Orlando metro area didn't mince words.

People like Michelle Miller of New Smyrna Beach.

"If you didn't realize we are in World War 3 already - hope you all know now," Miller said in response to the attacks in Paris that left at least 128 people dead, many of them at a concert hall, others at cafes and restaurants in what was at least six coordinated attacks with explosions and automatic gunfire.

Mark E. Lewis of Daytona Beach said he believes the terrorist attacks are the result of perverted religious beliefs by Islamic radicals.

"At the root of so much hate in the world is the simple fact that people believe that they are killing to satisfy the will of God," Lewis said. "The great joke will come when God rejects their entrance to paradise. Prayers for Paris." Stan Lee of Ormond Beach said,"The best way to protect your population against crazy violent people is to arm good sane people."

Clinton, the cattle rancher, said President Obama has made it possible for similar attacks to take place here in America because of his empathy for Islamic people -- regardless of whether most are law-abiding.

Clinton continued: "I feel like Obama has opened the gates to hell by letting Muslims in here and we will be next. 10,000 have already arrived and more are on the way, to be spread out and placed in different states here. No women or children. It's all men. That tells me there's a reason for what he's doing.


Like Geraldine Clinto Morgan, the following Central Florida people with Facebpok pages have their profile faces with the flag of France in the background, as a way to show support for the people of the European city in the wake of the terrorist attack on Friday.

Shown in first row: Andy Ferrari of Deltona & family, Linda Creesy of Daytona Beach  & rocker Brad Sayre of New Smyrna Beach. Second row: Lisa Brroks-Thompson of Daytona Beach & Juan King of Sanford (with mom). Third row: MaryJane Henderson of New Smyrna Beach, Muriel Bentley of New Smyrna Beach & Penny Vollenbroek Dane of Daytona Beach. Fourth row: Sherry Huskey-Hopson of New Smyrna Beach, Terri McDaniel of Daytona Beach & Rich Gardner of Port Orange. Fifth row: Sherly Manche of Osteen, John Cardullo & family of Port Orange & Margie Patchett & family of Port Orange. Sixth row: Roxanne Reynolds Hicks of New Smyrna Beach, Andrew Spar & family member of Ormond Beach & David Baulduff of DeLand. 

Andy Ferrari of Deltona, Florida, shows suport for France / Headline Surfer®Show of support ./ Headline Surfer®Daytona Beach, Florida rocker Brad Dayre shows support for Paris / Headline Surfer®

Support for France / Headline Surfer®Juan Kinf of Sanford, Florida, shows support for Paris / Headline Surfer®Michelle Tyluki of Oak Hill, Florida shows support for Paris / Headline Surfer®

MaryJane Henderson of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, shows support for Partis / Headline Surfer®Muriel Pristley of New Smyrna Beach shows support for Paris / Headline Surfer®Penny Dane of Daytona Beach, Florida, shows support for Paris / Headline Surfer®

Support for Paris / Headline Surfer®Rich Gardner of Daytona, Florida supports Paris / Headline Surfer®

Sheryl Manche of Osteen supports Paris / Headline Surfer®Paris / Heradline Surfer®Margie Patchett of Port Orange supports Paris / Headline Surfer®

Rox Hicks of NSB supports Paris / Headline Surfer®David Baulduff of DeLand spports Paris / Headline Surfer®


Posted Sat, 2015-11-14 15:00
By Darlene Vann
EDGEWATER, Fla. -- As the world mourns the great losses in Paris, France from the cowardly and senseless attacks by ISIS, we in the United States continue to think we are safe from such incidents. Why?  I just don't know.
Posted Sun, 2015-11-15 13:05
By David Beilstein
ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for tolerance after terrorist attacks in Paris: Hey, you jerk. We are the tolerant ones. We're the ones with the free, liberal and open societies. It's these islamic fascist barbarians who are fighting and slaughtering people for an intolerant, tyrannical society.
Posted Sun, 2015-11-15 14:22
By Henry Frederick
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- As US citizens we say we want to put an end to the terrorist organizations like ISIS, but recent national polls show fighting terrorist organizations like ISIS is a priority of 2 percent. We're not willing to commit to putting boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq to get the job done. Perhaps it's because we have an ocean separating us from these Jihadist maniacs.
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