Daytona State College hires Amy Locklear as VP of academic Affairs

Photo for Headline Surfer / Amy Locklear, hired by Daytona State College, brings instructional and administrative experience to the post of VP of academic affairs.
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DAYTONA BEACH -- Hired earlier this month as vice president of academic affairs foillowing a national search, Daytona State College brings a wealth of knowlege to the position at Daytona State College, considering she's experienced as both a professor and an administrator.

Although she is still getting acquainted with the administration, faculty and students, Locklear said DSC has the kind of attributes and values that will be a "great match with my goals and values.”

She added that the degree programs, including the expansion of the bachelor’s programs at DSC are in areas that will serve the community well.

“I think the ones that were chosen were really good choices," Locklear said. "Nursing is an awesome choice that is going to be a high demand degree, plus engineering, education and the BAS. When you’re starting with new bachelor’s programs, those are excellent choices. I commend the administrators and faculty for coming up with those.”

Completion and retention rates of students is something Locklear would like to expend energy and resources on.

“This is a critical area," Locklear explained. "For many years, colleges were focused on access, but there’s a growing concern about completion; that students get what they need in a timely manner and graduate.”

Locklear believes focusing on these goals will help DSC students be successful and reach their goals, adding student evaluations and surveys are tools used by the administration to aid in determining promotions and whether or not a teacher is retained at the college.

“I think it’s very important for students to take seriously their opportunity to fill out those forms," Locklear said. "We have a very low return on those. I don’t know that students fully realize how valuable that information is to administrators like me.”

Each evaluation and survey is read by the department chairs. Information such as how satisfied or dissatisfied a student is with a particular area are taken into account, as well as how important that area is ranked by the students. Both variables are looked at so the administration can see where they need to focus resources.

“I want to know what the student thinks," Locklear explained. "If the students in a classroom aren’t happy and I don’t know it, then I can’t address that. I’d ask the students to please fill those out, because they are read and they are taken seriously. I love hearing when things are going well, but I also want to hear the negative. We always want to know how we can improve.”

Locklear also welcomes comment cards, letters and emails.

Regarding the faculty and staff, Locklear said, “People who work here really love it. They feel proud of the college. That came through in the employee survey, that people have pride working at DSC. That’s wonderful; that’s what we should be building on.”

Regarding the faculty and staff, Amy Locklear said, “People who work here really love it. They feel proud of the college. That came through in the employee survey, that people have pride working at DSC. That’s wonderful; that’s what we should be building on.”

Locklear has several degrees, including a Ph.D. and M.A. in political science from Emory University, an M.P.A. in public administration from Georgia Southern University. She also has a B.A. in political science from Georgia Southern College.

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