ENDORSEMENTS: Karen Foxman for circuit judge; principled, respected and level-headed

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Karen Foxman, a supervising director of operations and a lead prosecutor for the State Attorney's Office in Daytona Beach. She is the endorsed candidate of HeadlineSurfer.com in the race for Circuit Judge, Group 18. Foxman is shown in the inset with her husband of 12 years, Matt Foxman, who is a circuit judge, and with their son, Caden, 4.

DAYTONA BEACH -- If there is one adjective that clearly doesn't fit with describing Karen Foxman and her progression in a court of law, it's "entitlement." Especially considering the Foxman name.

Her husband, Matt Foxman is a circuit judge.

Her brother-in-law, David Foxman, is a Volusia County judge.

And her father-in-law, S. James Foxman, not only is a retired circuit judge, but the Justice Center in Daytona Beach bears his name.

Married into a family of judges, you might be surprised to hear in this endorsement that, if elected, she has the potential to enhance the legacy of what it truly means to be a Foxman -- not by bloodlines or marriage, but sense of responsibility, understanding and application of the rule of law in a truly meaningful way.

Foxman has the innate qualities that perseverance, tenacity and sense of justice is to meted out for the worst of the worst and having the wisdom and foundation for or in terms of fairness and understanding of the degrees of separation between punishment; while imparting her own experiences and empathy when rehabilitation or leniency give her what she needs to go away from the standard by-the-book when it does more harm than good.

At 45, and in multiple roles wife, mother and distinguished career as an attorney -- both as a prosecutor and lawyer in private practice -- Karen Foxman, is humble, down to earth. She has the intangibles that are needed to sit in judgment of others on the bench. She's the embodiment of the jurist in control -- in presence, temperament and sense of purpose.

At 45, and in multiple roles wife, mother and distinguished career as an attorney -- both as a prosecutor and lawyer in private practice -- Karen Foxman, is humble, down to earth. She has the intangibles that are needed to sit in judgment of others on the bench. She's the embodiment of the jurist in control -- in presence, temperament and sense of purpose.

Of the nearly three dozen candidates on ballots in Volusia County for the Aug. 26 primary, Headline Surfer® gives the full weight of its endorsement to Karen Foxman for circuit judge.

The award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper also believes she's the single-most qualified and capable public servant of all the candidates in the various races for public offices in Volusia County as well as those in the other three counties -- Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns -- where she also appears on the ballot against fellow candidate, Steve Sands, an attorney in private practice.

Karen Foxman's 1st-person take as to why she wants to serve on the bench:

Karen Foxman for circuit judge / Headline Surfer®Since the 7th judicial circuit is larger than two states, it is a difficult endeavor to campaign circuit-wide. My calendar (as a supervisor in the State Attorney's Office) is often double-booked, and I have spent a lot of time on the road.
I have enjoyed seeing the different communities and getting to know the people.
The four counties -- Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns, are extremely different from each other and I appreciate the differences after spending some time in each. I just wish I had a pilot and a plane.
I could easily go back to private practice and make a lot more money, but being a circuit judge would be more fulfilling for me.
I feel, with all of my courtroom and trial experience, and with experience in criminal and civil court, I bring the competence and experience to run a good courtroom.
Furthermore, having represented victims and defendants, husbands, wives, and children, either as a prosecutor or as an attorney in private practice, I bring a good perspective from the different sides.
I am familiar with frustrations from litigants, feeling they were not heard when their day in court finally came, or feeling blocked from access because it takes so long to get a hearing or a ruling.
I would work hard to provide hearing time in a reasonable period, and to rule quickly but with competence. I would try to avoid some frustrations my former clients experienced.
Mostly, though, I would run a courtroom with integrity and courtesy. What would it mean to win? Of course, I would be proud, as running in a circuit-wide race is one of the hardest things I have ever done for such a prolonged period of time. It would make my family proud, which would make me very happy.
Most of all, it would begin a new challenge in my career. As litigators or prosecutors, we affect people's lives significantly. The responsibility is even greater as a judge, and I would strive to remember that everyday.

Top-prosecuted cases by Karen Foxman in her own words:

Manslaughter trial of juvenile, J.J. Watson:
This case stands out in my mind, because the victim was also a juvenile. Many of the witnesses were 12- or 13-years-old, and they were traumatized by this event. It was difficult to get them to even talk about the incident. On top of that, there was significant media coverage, which made it even more difficult for the children to testify. We ended up getting a conviction, but at the end, a child was dead, and there was no bringing him back.
State v. Dexter Tooks:
I tried this case just last year. Defendant was s a prison release reoffender (committed within three years of being released from prison). This case stands out because the victim is a 28 year veteran driving home from a family dinner, and the defendant slammed his car into hers, as he ran a red light to flee the police after committed a robbery. The victim suffered severe brain trauma. She has the most amazing attitude and spirit, and she was one of the most compelling victims I have ever seen on the stand. The defendant was convicted and sentenced to 45 years prison.

Karen Foxman for cuit judgeKaren Foxman's bio:

• Director of Operations for the State Attorney's Office for Volusia County, where she has served since 2011. Supervises nearly four dozen career prosecutors and support staff.
• Prior experience includes being a prosecutor for the state and as an attorney in private practice, where she focused on family law.
• Recognized for extensive Pro Bono volunteer hours for families that cannot afford an advocate for children by serving as a volunteer guardian ad litem.
• Chosen by peers to serve as president of the Volusia County Bar Association and of the Volusia/Flagler Association of Women Lawyers.
  • Earned undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and J.D. degree from Campbell University.

• Married to Matt Foxman for 12 years now and parents 4-year-old son, Caden.


Circuit Judge Matt Foxman is the husband of judge candidate Karen Adams Foxman / Headline Surfer®Bio on Karen Foxman's husband, Circuit Judge Matt Foxman:

• Elected on Nov. 2, 2010 (effective the following January) to a six-year term that ends on Jan. 2, 2017. Foxman won the election in the primary for Group 3 of the 7th Circuit Court, receiving 52.2% of the vote, and was subsequently elected to the bench.
• Worked for 10 years as a prosecutor in the 7th Judicial Circuit before his election to the circuit judgeship.

• Received undergraduate degree from Florida State University and J.D. degree from the Stetson University College of Law.
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