Feeling Andy Rooneyish at home in Edgewater with divisiveness in Washington

Darlene Vann / Headline Surfer®By DARLENE VANN
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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- I’m feeling a little Andy Rooneyish today.

I am questioning many things which I decided I’d share with all of you readers out there. Maybe you have answers for these issues that I am not seeing.

First, I see the president trying to dismantle his predecessor’s health care plan even though it will leave many people with no health care at all. How does this help? It seems to me that the main reason why they (meaning the government as a whole) can’t come up with a decent plan is that they start in the wrong place.

In my mind, they need to start by regulating the pharmaceutical companies who drive the entire system with their overblown pricing. Fix that problem and the other costs will come down as well. Am I wrong in this assumption?

Watching the coverage of Harvey Weinstein (as well as multiple politicians) makes me wonder why these dozens of women start popping up as soon as one lone one finally calls him out. If the first one had spoken up way back when; they could have stopped all the others from having to go through the same trauma. Now that it is out there, the others jump on the bandwagon like flies on poop.

I also wonder why these guys think they will get away with these things forever. These powerful men especially politicians go about this stuff as though they think they will never be caught. How stupid can they be to think that? And how stupid are we who ignore the lack of morals and elect them again?

I wonder why the current president seems to be trying so hard to get us into a war with another country. He doesn’t seem to care which country, he insults them all. No doubt he will act surprised when one finally does bomb us into oblivion. I also wonder why all of a sudden people want historical monuments removed. It won’t rewrite history and just costs money and time to remove, dispose of or move to another location.

The history it is there to remind us not to repeat remains and is not erased except in the minds of those who wish to not remember it. It serves no purpose and just causes another division in our country. We are supposed to be the United States of America not the divided states of America. That’s enough of my wondering for today.

Many of you probably wonder some of the same things. It would be nice if someone had some real answers and could get our government to listen and enact some new thoughts, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. First, they all need to learn to compromise.

One side has to stop hating and placing road blocks in front of the other. Until they do, things will never get done.

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