HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY: Meet Sally Crank of New Smyrna Beach, epitome of motherhood

Jamison Liam Baltzegar, born on March 7, is the third child of Sally Crank of New Smyrna Beach, the featured mom for this Mother's Day on HeadlineSurfer.com.

Sally Crank nd baby Jamison, Mother's Day story / Headline Surfer®NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Sally Crank gave birth to her third child, Jamison Liam,  on March 7, the newest of three boys.

So one can just imagine the demands on her life as a 32-year-old mother, spouse and holding down two part-time jobs. But she's not one to complain.

On the contrary, Crank, who grew up in New Smyrna Beach and lives in Edgewater, says she loves being a mother and a nurturer. Her diverse responsibilities make her the epitome of the 21st-century mom on this Mother's Day.

Having received her computer Sspecialist AS certificate and a microcomputer repair/ install AS certificate from Daytona State College, Crank works three days a week at NSB Computers as a computer technician and one day a week at Karl's Pest Control as a secretary, which gives her a break from the children and supplementing the family income, switching off with her husband on taking care of the children.

So how does she do it -- juggling the responsibilities with three boys, the oldest 11, the middle 6 and the baby, not quite 2 1/2 months old?

"The key to dealing with the different age groups is to tag team the job with your spouse," Crank told Headline Surfer® for this special Mother's Day story.

"My husband will take my older sons outside to play while I take care of the baby. It's good to include them with the care for the baby, but it is also good for them to have quality time with us separately."

She has two sons from a previous relationship: Jesse Lee Jaite, 11, and Jacen Alexander Jaite, 6. 

Crank continued, "My oldest son has autism, so his interests are very much the same as my 6 year old's. They are very close brothers and get along very well together. So if one goes and does something the other tends to follow."

Sally Crank, her husband, Jacob and their newborn. / Headline Surfer®Sally Crank's three boys / Mother's Day / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® /
Sally Crank is shown with her husband, Jacob Baltzegar, and their infant son, Jamison Liam Baltzegar. In the inset photo are Cranks two older boys, Jesse Lee Jaite, 11, and Jacen Alexander Jaite, 6, along with their little brother, Jamison.

On some days, her husband will take one child and do an activity, while she does something with the other boy while the baby sleeps. 

"Honestly, its all about balance," Crank said. "Everyone has needs; we just have to work together to make them happen."

On some days, her husband will take one child and do an activity, while she does something with the other boy while the baby sleeps. "Honestly, its all about balance," Crank said. "Everyone has needs; we just have to work together to make them happen."

Baby delivered by C-section

For medical reasons, Jamison was delivered by C-section, Crank said. This is how she described the experience: "Giving birth by C-section is a little scary at first because you are told you will be awake for abdominal surgery. After the curtain is up and the spinal tap goes in, you don't feel anything but pressure. The procedure to get the baby out only lasts about 15 minutes, and if you get a tubal, then they go ahead and do that while they have you open."

She continued, "Daddy is then busy with watching baby get bathed, weighed, measured, and taken care of. The baby gets taken to the nursery while the tubal gets finished and they sew you up. You feel none of this while its going on."

Crank said she felt numbness and pressure every now and then. After surgery, she was moved off the operating table and into recovery.

"It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to get some movement back in your legs," she said of the experience. "Then they take you to the nursery to see your baby and to hold him."

Crank said this was her second C-section, adding, "but I think this one went a lot better. I had a great team work on me this time. They paid attention to my needs, and made sure I was well taken care of."

Some key dates Crank made mention of on her Facebook page in her own words:

Sally Crank's baby at 20 days old / Headline Surfer®Sally Crank's baby in a frog outfit / Headline Surfer®Here are photos of Sally Crank's youngest child, Jamison, as chronicled on her Facebook page.

April 30: Eh, its time for bed. I know the moment I get comfy and asleep the baby will wake up and want me to feed him, lol!

April 18: Making BBQ boneless pork ribs, broccoli/cauliflower medley, and salad for dinner! The boys are hanging out together while I cook, so it makes things easier

April 8: Just got home from the doctor's office. The glue is holding up well where my popped stitch is.

I'm taking 2 types of antibiotics 6 times a day to keep out any infection.

I just have to be careful, take it easy, and no sudden movements or I could make it worse. Otherwise, it looks great and I am due back in 3 weeks for a check up and my postpartum check.

Sally Crank's baby / Headline Surfer®March 12: Just got back from baby's first doctor visit! Jamison is doing great and he's a big, healthy baby boy who likes to eat I go back in 2 weeks for his next visit.

March 11: First night home and baby gives Daddy a rough time. Jacob tried for 3 hours to get Jamison to go to sleep.

I take over and the kid instantly settles down, lol!

New Daddy has a lot to learn, but this mommy knows her tricks to get baby fed and back to bed while still being able to rest New Parents out there should hit up me or some of us other experienced types for advice. Save yourselves some headaches.

We all go through it.

Jamison Liam Baltzegar, Sally Crank's son for Mother'd Day story / Headline Surfer®FAST FACTS: Jamison Liam Baltzegar

Jamison was born 8:46 p.m. Friday, March 7, 2014, at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. 
He was measured at 20.5 inches in length and his weight was 8 pounds, 13 ounces.
The following is typical of the baby's demands as described by his mother on May 3:
Baby schedule tonight according to baby's rules:
2 a.m. -- playtime with baby; 
2:30 a.m. -- diaper change; 
2:35 a.m. -- resume playtime;
3 a.m. -- feeding time; 
3:30 a.m. -- snuggle time; 
4 a.m. -- Sleep time for baby and mother.

Did You Know?

Sally Crank Morther's Day feature in Google News / Headline Surfer®The Headline Surfer® Mother's Day Feature on Sally Crank shot to the top of the Google News Directories for New Smyrna Beach, FL,  just 11 minutes after it was published.


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