Hurricane Matthew churning in the Carribean; slowly pushing north

YouTube download / AP video / Hurricane Matthew already dumping a lot of rain on Jamaica.
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Hurricane Matthew will impact the U.S. East Coast later this week, but how close it tracks to the coast and its strength will determine the severity of the impacts, according to AccuWeather.

Matthew, currently a powerful Category 4 hurricane in the Caribbean, will bring devastating wind, storm surge, rain and mudslides to Haiti, eastern Cuba and Jamaica through Tuesday. The storm will then take aim at the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Tuesday night into Thursday. Beyond that, uncertainty greatly increases in the track, timing and intensity of Matthew. There are several scenarios that could play out which would result in different threats for the U.S. East Coast.

Matthew to bring dangerous rough surf and rip currents to East Coast

As Matthew emerges from the Bahamas after midweek, the U.S. East Coast will need to be on alert. While the exact track is not set in stone at this time, Matthew could take a track close to the coast or could pass several hundred miles offshore. Regardless, the U.S. East Coast will still face impacts. AccuWeather Meteorologists expect Matthew to still be a powerful hurricane at midweek as it churns over warm water near the Bahamas.

"At the very least, rough surf and rip currents should impact the East Coast," AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffey said.

The largest waves will likely batter Florida to North Carolina Wednesday through Friday. Rip currents will develop and can be life-threatening. Vacationers and beachgoers should heed local swimming advisories.


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