Investigative Reports: Sheriff Mike Chitwood's Internal Affairs - implications for morale, public safety & trust

Investigative Reports: Sheriff's Internal Affairs / Headline Surfer®PREAMBLE: There's a line in a Coen Brothers movie, Burn after Reading, to the effect that 'appearances can be deceiving.' Such is the situation with Sheriff Michael J. Chitwood, who hasn't even been on the job a month yet and a lot is happening on the inside the public is not aware of, even with his extensive PR relationship with the mainstream media that allows him to push his political agenda without question. Case in point, the so-called demand by Chitwood that the deputy who pulled him over wrote him a ticket after he demanded it. But none of these media outlets went beyond Chitwood. Headline Surfer did and its reporting shows all is not good inside the VCSO and hasn't been since day 1. 

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Within the next 72 hours, Headline Surfer will begin presenting an in-depth look at Michael Chitwood's first month as the elected top cop of Volusia County's largest law enforcement agency and why things are not as they appear inside the VCSO despite a steady dose of PR.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood pulled a fast one over media outlets that literally took what he said verbatim about his speeding ticket and the story he spun in his favor in which he "demanded" one of his deputies write him up to send a message to the rest of his sworn personnel. 

Headline Surfer did some digging and while the chronology of events may be in line, the reason for demanding he be written up was far from sincere as the reporting will show. This is not the first time Chitwood has been caught twisting facts around to suit his needs as he has done repeatedly during his near decade-long tenure as chief of police in Daytona Beach.

.And Headline Surfer will explain where he was going in the first place and why he was speeding to begin with.

The internet news outlet will take you into Chitwood's first 30 days on the job and show you that despite all the videos done from within the agency and his self-marketing to media outlets where his actions go unquestioned, we will go behind the scenes and explain what really is at play in Chitwood's newest cop shop. The internet news outlet will show you brazen moves made by Chitwood right from day 1 and the impact these moves are having on morale inside the VCSO ad a big shake-up he's been threatening.

How is it that Chitwood and County Manager Jim Dinneen suddenly found themselves on the same page after accusations of lies and meetings that didn't take place that started when he went on the Marc Bernier Show and what the common denominator is there.

And what is behind Chitwood's jet setting to Wisconsin to meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the national organization he is affiliated with that he is now pushing for the VCSO.

And what of Chitwood's PIO staff and another hiring that clearly is duplicitous and why the addition of the civil employee is relevant to the big management shake-up he's now threatening.

And Headline Surfer will explain why Chitwood moved quickly to try and marginalize the award-winning news outlet and the legal, moral and ethical repercussions from it for the county, the public and the law enforcement agency itself.  Headline Surfer can also explain why Chitwood was so intent on keeping Headline Surfer from that first press conference that immediately followed his swearing-in ceremony and why his swearing-in ceremony was so prophetic.








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