At-large Councilwoman Joyce Cusack: Nemesis Pat Northey needs to clean own doorstep before trying to sweep her's

The Sunday Conversation: At-large County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack / Headline Surfer®

Incumbent has never lost an election & plans to keep that streak intact Nov. 4

Sunday Conversation: Joyce Cusack / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® videos / Volusia County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack, the at-large representative on the dais from DeLand, gave the internet newspaper her perspective on her re-election campaign and that of her opponent, Patricia Northey, for The Sunday Conversation, the online video newsmaker interview, which you can watch by clicking the videos.
Editor's Note: Cusack has earned the internet newspaper's endorsement in the Nov. 4 election. The write-up will be published Monday morning.

DAYTONA BEACH -- At-large Councilwoman Joyce Cusack knew the so-called Waverly investigation was a farce -- a certifiable "witch hunt" -- from the onset pushed by the likes of her opponent, district 5 term-limited Councilwoman Patricia Northey.

If there is one thing Cusack has shown, both in class and distinction, is her determination to succeed. Elected in her first campaign try to a seat in the Florida Statehouse no less, back in 2000, beating yet another current colleague on the county dais, Pat Patterson of DeLand. Cusack rose to the No. 2 Democratic post in the Statehouse -- "pro tempore" from 200 to 2008. Along the way, she won twice more in 2004 over a write-in, and in 2006, over Dave Hood.

In 2010, she was elected to the Volusia County Council at-large seat over popular Volusia Tax Reform co-founder Margie Patchett of Port Orange in what was a first-rate campaign on both sides.

But Cusack hasn't been in a campaign s bitter as the one with Northey, which Cusack candidly reflected on in the online video newsmaker interview, The Sunday Conversation

Pat Northey a no-show at Oak Hill public candidate debate / Headline Surfer®SRO at public candidate debate in Oak Hill / Headline Surfer®Pat Northey a no-show for internet newspaper public candidate debate in Oak Hill / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® photos / Pat Northey, shown here on the dais in front of her county-issued laptop, was a no-show for an at-large County Council public candidate debate at Oak Hull City Hsll on June 24, sponsored by in advance of the primary. Incumbent Joyce Cusack was there as was the third candidate, Deltona City Commissioner Webster Barnaby. It was standing room only with 85 citizens from across the couny inside the Oak Hill Commission chambers.


You can click on the videos above to see and hear what Cusack has to say on a number of topics related to her re-election, from the Waverly investigation pushed by Northey to the challenger being a no-show for a public candidate debate sponsored by the internet newspaper in June, to the intensity of insider campaign contributions.

Cusack's never lost a race and she's pushing hard to keep that streak intact with her re-election bid on Nov. 4. 

Standing in Cusack's way is Northey, who has been on the dais for 22 years and looking for four more years at the incumbent's expense.

Cusack took it as a personal affront her colleague's challenge, especially considering they are both Democrats in the non-partisan election. At least 30 years have passed -- perhaps much longer -- that a member of the same party serving simultaneously on the county dais has challenged the incumbent for his or her seat.

"You have to keep doing good, keep being a person of high integrity," Cusack said, adding,  "I just try to do what I think is the right thing to do. And what is  most appropriate for the people that I represent. You see, I have no personal agenda. Life has been good to me and I have always dealt with integrity and I will continue to always be of high standards.

Cusack did have some words of advice for her nemesis Northey in The Sunday Conversation with Headline Surfer®: "You should clean around your own door before you sweep around my door."

Joyce Cusack  in The Sunday Conversation / Headline Surfer®At-large Volusia County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack did have some words of advice for her nemesis, Pat Northey, in The Sunday Conversation with Headline Surfer®: "You should clean around your own door before you sweep around my door."

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