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SANFORD, Fla -- A year ago, I came up with this crazy gimmick for John Bolton, putting him on the classic television show, T Tell The Truth, after reading where President Trump had trouble reconciling with hiring John Bolton as his new national security advisor, principally because of get this: His walrus-like mustache.

Trump, of course, did settle in on Bolton, who served briefly (August 2005-December 2006) as US ambassador to the United Nations under then-President George W.  Bush.

As described by Vice, Trump Debated Hiring John Bolton Because of His Mustache, Reports Say. So to illustrate this comical situation , I came up with a script for To Tell the Truth after seeing likenesses of Bolton's walrus 'stache on various sites. There were some that had him looking like the cartoon character Yosemite Sam. Others had Bolton  sporting a mustache in the shape of the word "war" while still another had what looked like a mushroom cloud from an exploded nuke coming out of his nostrils.

But two others I thought best resembled Bolton were The Professor from the cartoon, Felix the Cat, and anti-war singer David Crosby. I built the fictitious Bolton segment ariound the TV show, To Tell TheTruth. Here is a recreation of it, which in reflecting on now, a year and a day later, iI feel is s both brilliant and idiotic. But I'll let you be the judge.

If there was one cool thing about the posting, it drew a stoic comment on my Facebook posting from a gentleman by the name of Felix Lopez, of Sacramento, Calif., who remarked: "Showing my age.. I remember all of the panel: Kitty Carlisle, Soupy Sales ( do the mouse ), Bill Cullen, and Peggy Cass..." 

Lopez wrote the comment the day of his own birthday, recognizing the passage of time and how life can go by so quickly. 

My wife, Sera, no fan of Donald Trump, should get a laugh out of this. This likely is the first time she will have seen this as she's more intoTwitter than she is Facebook.

Without further delay, here is that fictional segment from a year ago today: 

Fictional episode of To Tell The Truth / Headlime Surfer




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