Married Councilwoman Megan O'Keefe and her cop-boyfriend nothing but trouble for Edgewater's citizens

By Darlene Vann
Community Column: Musings
Headline Surfer

EDGEWATER, Fla -- About the time all the nastiness in Edgewater began near the end of October, I started to feel sick to my stomach.

The more things I saw and heard about the goings-on in the city where I live, the sicker I felt.

First, let me say that I was so upset that Headline Surfer Henry Frederick and his wife, Serafina, has been on the receiving end of harassment and Sera were getting death threats again. There's no rhyme or reason for this since he is only doing his job and Sera is not involved in the day-to-day operations like her husband. Oak Hill Commissioner Jeff Bracy should be in jail for all the threats and vile things he has said about the Fredericks.

Not bad enough threats were made but then someone had the nerve to publish Henry’s home address in full. That should be a punishable offense with jail time. Putting their lives in jeopardy from people who are crazy and disagree with things Henry has written is just repulsive and should be against the law. Then we get to Megan and her beau, the alleged crooked cop. He should have been fired long ago and she never having been elected to this office should be booted out immediately never to return.

She is such a troublemaker and does nothing for the City of Edgewater or its citizens. The behavior of these two is deplorable and why it is allowed is a mystery.

It’s all politics, no doubt since not many bigwigs in this city are on the up and up and each is protecting his or her own behind. We the people of this city have been complaining about the water bills to no avail. The powers that be are too busy to actually look into protecting citizens against fraud caused by the city itself. I know we have some decent people who work at the city but they are being blocked by the bad seeds. They either cowtow or get fired with little or no notice as we have all witnessed -at council meetings.

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