The NASCAR Way: Punish new media outlet with ban on media credentials and press releases

DAYTONA -- NASCAR is king in Daytona Beach and Volusia County. Just ask State Sen. Dorothy Hukill who got a big chunk of campaign contributions and pushed favorable legislation in the millions or County Councilwoman Deborah Denys who romped to victory in Tuesday's primary with Speedway money and a PAC to boot. That's The NASCAR Way.

And if you are a media outlet, you tow the line, unquestioned or you could find yourself on the outside looking in come race day like yours truly -- banned from the media center and a withholding of emailed press releases to boot.

That, too, is The NASCAR way.

NASCAR takes because it can. NASCAR punishes because it can. And NASCAR withholds information because it can.

After all, who is going to say no?

Daytona's elected commissioners and mayor? They gave NASCAR $24.5 million this Spring.

The elected members of the Volusia County Council? They gave NASCAR $20 million.

The Volusia County delegation to the Statehouse?

They gave NASCAR $90 million.

The Florida Department of Transportation? They gave NASCAR $20 million for two new walkway overpasses even without a single fatality.

The governor? He signed lgislation for the state funding and accepted campign contributions from NASCAR.

Afterall, that is The NASCAR Way.



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