New Smyrna Beach City Manager Pam Brangaccio called out by citizens on 2 bizarre incidents in Hurricane Irma's wake

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- First, Pamela Brangaccio jawed wih a homeless person while guarding the entrance to the Babe James Center in which she was captured on video saying "this is my house" as she forced them to eat outside because city workers were being treated to a special lunch for Hurricane Irma cleanup. 

Then she was willingly photographed with two New Smyrna Beach cops on a municipal post that read "ExecutiveTeam Decision Making in the Field to Keep NSB safe. The posting was taken down shortly after i was posted on the city' swebsite, but not fast enough to prevent multiple citizens from taking screen shots. 

One of these citizens, Palmer Wilson, a retired Marlyand police adminmistrator and one-time candidate for a city commission sat, emailed a copy of the Brangaccio posting, in which he placed a diagram on the jacket she was wearing wih an arrow to what appared to be a cloth badge. The jacket is is worn by NSB cops during inclement weather. She also wora police ball cap wih an NSBPD emblem on it.

She's impersonaing a police officer and that is against the law," Wilson insisted.

EDITOR'S Note: This story is not complete.


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