New Smyrna Beach surfer-dude photog Kem McNair captures perfect shot of 'Super Moon'

Photo by Kem McNair for Headline Surfer / Look at this picture-perfect shot of the Super Moon. tsken just at 10 o'clock on this Tuesday evening over the New Smyrna Beach shoreline.
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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- There are two social media topics that countless Americans are fixated on and at each other's throats: 1. The ad nauseum debate as to the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency -- the next Ronald Reagan perhaps or a chump in the eyes of the pro-Hillary protestors with their universal chant, "Not My President!" 

And 2. The social media posts complete with pics and videos -- their own or from other sources - of the out-of-this-world phenomena known as the "Super Moon."

A local surfer dude who is pretty handy with a camera favors the latter.

"The super moon was totally cloudy last night so i went and shot it tonight," New Smyrna Beach's legendary surfer- and lensman-extroardinaire Kem McNair posted on his Facebook page of a beautiful scene-setter shot of the so-called Super Moon

"Used a neutral density filter to tone down the moon so I could get the water refections in the same shot.," McNair said of the image he captured, including an anabsolutely georgous reflection of the moon light on thepitch-black Atlantic waters.

McNair even added some clever humor to the technique he used to get the perfect shot.

"Took quite a bit of playing around to get it close. It was a beautiful site - one I won't see for another 38 years, which will make me 102 years old! Damn,thats a long time to wait," McNair said.

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