NFL Draft shocker Tim Tebow to Broncos in 1st round draws cheers at NSB's Pub 44 video by Sera Frederick.

Lyndsey Broughman and Ashley Smith, both 22 and New Smyrna Beach residents, who work at NSB's Pub 44, cheer the Denver Broncos' first round selection of Tim Tebow, the Heisman-winning quarterback from the University of Florida, chosen 25th overall  in the 2010 NFL Draft.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- It was the cheer heard round New Smyrna Beach. Well, OK, maybe not that loud, but Pub 44 co-workers Lyndsey Broughman and Ashley Smith were pretty excited about the Denver Broncos' first round selection of Tim Tebow, the Heisman-winning quarterback of the Florida Gators, chosen 25th overal in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The two 22-year-old roommates and hotties readily admit they know little about football and couldn't name a single other player in the draft, but they knew enough about Tebow to jump up and down and scream when his name was called by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during ESPN's prime-time coverage of the draft Friday night.

"He throws the ball," said Broughman, a waitress at Pub 44. "He's really cute and he's from the University of Florida."


Smith, a bartender there, was even more emphatic: "He's the greatest college football player of all time."

The two were hoping he'd been chosen by the Jacksonville Jaguars which had the 10th selection of the first round, but Tebow's home town team opted instead for University of California defensive end Tyson Alualu.

"Who?" the two young women asked?

Seems everyone else was asking the same question.


23 players from Florida universities were selected in the 2010 NFL Draft with the Florida Gators leading the way with 10.

Round 1

(7) Browns Haden, Joe CB 5'11" 193 Florida
(15) Giants Pierre-Paul, Jason DE 6'5" 270 South Florida
(18) Steelers Pouncey, Maurkice C 6'4" 304 Florida
(25) Broncos (From Ravens) Tebow, Tim QB 6'3" 236 Florida
(32) Saints Robinson, Patrick CB 5'11" 190 Florida State

Round 2

(37) Eagles (From Redskins) Allen, Nathaniel FS 6'0" 207 South Florida
(41) Bills Troup, Torell DT 6'3" 314 Central Florida
(53) Patriots Cunningham, Jermaine DE 6'3" 266 Florida
(54) Bengals Dunlap, Carlos DE 6'6" 277 Florida
(62) Patriots (From Vikings through Texans) Spikes, Brandon LB 6'3" 249 Florida

Round 3

(65) Rams Murphy, Jerome CB 6'0" 196 South Florida
(75) Bears Wright, Major FS 5'11" 206 Florida
(95) Saints Graham, Jimmy TE 6'6" 260 Miami

Round 4

(102) Texans (From Chiefs) Sharpton, Darryl LB 5'11" 236 Miami
(113) Patriots (From 49ers through Broncos) Hernandez, Aaron TE 6'2" 245 Florida
(128) Lions (From Vikings) Fox, Jason OT 6'7" 303 Miami

Round 5

(159) Eagles (From Chargers) Cooper, Riley WR 6'3" 222 Florida

Round 6

(176) Titans (From Seahawks) Smith, Rusty QB 6'5" 230 Florida Atlantic

(177) Browns Mitchell, Carlton WR 6'3" 215 South Florida

(207) Titans (Compensatory selection) Rolle, Myron SS 6'2" 215 Florida State

Round 7

(217) Buccaneers (From Jaguars) Watson, Dekoda LB 6'1" 240 Florida State

(226) Rams (From Falcons) Selvie, George DE 6'3" 252 South Florida

(235) Chargers Epps, Dedrick TE 6'3" 250 Miami


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