Severe consequences for driving 30 mph or more over posted speed limit in Florida

Unlike other speeding tickets you might receive for going less than thirty miles per hour above the posted speed limit, you have fewer options for handling your speeding ticket when you are driving this fast. In fact, in the state of Florida, your penalties for speeding 30 miles over the limit  miles above the speed limit can be as severe as for the offense of reckless driving. Your fines (if this is your first offense for driving this fast) can be from $400 and up., according to If you have a motorcycle endorsement, it can be revoked, and you may even be subjected to a lengthy suspension of your driver’s license.  You will not have the option to simply pay your speeding ticket, nor will you have the option to take traffic school and avoid the points on your license. At this level, you will have a mandatory court appearance, four points on your driving record and a potential license suspension.

If you receive a speeding ticket for going thirty miles over the speed limit in a school zone or construction zone, your fines will automatically be doubled, you could receive civil penalties and you may be mandated to complete traffic school (without having your points dismissed). While you could appear in court on your own, this is not an option which is likely to garner you positive results. The likelihood that the judge will listen to any excuse you offer for going thirty miles over the posted speed limit is extremely slim. On the other hand, appearing before a judge with a skilled Florida traffic attorney by your side actually gives you a fighting chance to have your penalties minimized, or even have your ticket dismissed altogether. A knowledgeable Florida traffic attorney has a solid understanding of the rules and laws which apply to your case, knows how to question the police officer in order to determine if all procedures were properly followed, and can challenge statements made by the officer. A recent study showed that those who hire an attorney who specializes in traffic tickets have a 60% win rate for speeding ticket offenses, giving you a huge positive boost in how your charges will play out.

Consequences other than statutory penalties for speeding Thirty MilesOver the Limit

Perhaps the most serious consequence you will fact for driving thirty miles over the posted speed limit—aside from statutory penalties—will be the huge increase you will see to your insurance premiums.

In many cases, insurance companies will refuse to insure those who receive a speeding ticket of thirty miles over the speed limit, and since vehicle insurance is mandatory, you could be left unable to drive. This is yet another reason to have a qualified Florida traffic attorney by your side, protecting your rights from start to finish.

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