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DELAND, Fla. -- As publisher of Headlie Surfer®, I am pleased to announce the addition of Ruth Pierre-Charles as a comunity columnist, and as such bringing a millenial's perspective to news close at home here in Central Florida and around the world.

Pierre-Charles is a Political Science major pursuing her bachelor's at Stetson University in DeLand where she resides during the school year.

In addition to her undergraduate studies, Pierre-Charles, 20, of Bradenton, FL, is student president of Stetson's American Civil Liberties Union. Last year, she interned for the Office of the Attorney General for the (Washington) District of Columbia.

Pierre-Charles' Headline Surfer column is called "Case by Case," reflecting her moderate political views.

Her initial column will premiere this weekend, if not sooner. 

Pierre-Charles complements the Headline Surfer stable of thinkers as follows:

Darlene Vann of Edgewater

"Musings," by Darlene Vann of Edgewater allows her the flexibility to opine on any number of topics, many of which reflect her wit and lifetime experiences.

Vann, who is retired,  draws inspiration from breaking news, reflections on her own life and the companionship of her wise-cracking elderly mom who lives with her in the Edgewater home she owns outright after years of paying down the mortgage on a fixed income. She is not a big fan of President Trump, though she's more conservative in her values than she'll readily admit as demonstrated in her topics.

Vann has been with Headline Surfer since the very beginning -- nine years in total. 

Dana Dougherty of DeBary

"Dana's Domain" is a political column written by Dana Christina Dougherty, who lives in DeBary. Dougherty won re-election in the November 2016 elections to a third four-year term as a Republican State Committeewoman for Volusia County, and as such is a member of the Volusia GOPexecutive committee.

Dougherty has been a delegate to the last three Republican Party Presidential Conventions and attended President Trump's inauguration in Washington.  Dougherty does not write about municipal or county politics for obvious reasons. She does focus on state and federal politics as well as highlighting local speakers who attend the West Volusia Republican Club for which she has served either as president or vice president. Daugherty founded the Young Republicans of Volusia County a decade ago and has been with Headline Surfer now for five-plus years.

Dougherty also is active with the local theater circuit, often appearing in plays at the Athens Theater in DeLand as well as other local venues.

Stan Escudero of Daytona Beach Shores

"The Guidepost" is the pre-eminent politial column focusing on national and global politics by Stanley Tuemler Escudero (born March 10, 1942), a retired American diplomat who served in the U.S. foreign service in multiple capacities. He was US ambassador to Tajikistan, 1992–1995; US ambassador to Uzbekistan, 1995–1997; and US ambassador to Azerbaijan, 1997-2000; all former republics of the former Soviet Union. 

As described on his own Wikipedia page, Escudero first came to prominence nationally for his outspoken views on Iran in the 1970s. While serving in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in the mid 1970s, he questioned the Shah's longevity in power. This challenge to the basic tenets of U.S. policy in the region would probably have ended his career, had the Shah not proved him right soon thereafter. As the Iranian revolution was unfolding, Escudero was sent back to Iran with the mission of getting out in the street and finding out what was happening. 

Escudero, very good at that sort of thing (still is), has been steadfast in keeping intel close to the vest despite repeated overtures from this award-winning journalist, who has followed geo-political events from that part of the world since childhood. 

Escudero was born in Daytona Beach, where he attended the former Daytona Beach Community College (now Daytona State College) before He receiving his Bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in 1965. Escudero has served on the board of trustees at Daytona State College for the past four years since his initial appointment by Gov. Rick Scott. Escudero lives in a modest riverfront home in Daytona Beach Shores with his wife, Jaye. They have two grown sons.

Escudero has been affiliated with Headline Surfer for five years now through his Guidepost and as a mentor to this online publisher.

David "Dan" Beilstein of Essex, Vt


Shane Porter. of New Smyrna Beach 

Sera King of Sanford

is the multi-media editor and occasional byline reporter

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