Sunday Conversation: Lisa Gailey stands by her man in quest for County Council

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Lisa Gailey, wife of County Council candidate Rich Gailey of DeBary on The Sunday Conversation / Headline Surfer®Rich Gailey, of DeBary, candidate for County Council dis 5 / Headline Surfer®Headline Surfer® video /
The internet newspaper interviews Lisa Gailey, wife of District 5 Volusia County Council candidate Rich Gailey, shown here at left. Publisher Henry Frederick interviewed Lisa Gailey at Gemini Springs Park in DeBary for this segment of 'The Sunday Conversation.'

DEBARY -- Lisa Gailey understands and fully supports her husband in his quest to win elective office and represent the interests of Volusia County's forgotten area.

"We've got a good team o people working really hard," she said, adding it's a family affair, with her, and their two children, a daughter, Jacqueline, 15, and a son, Ricky, 13.

Lisa Gailey of DeBary, FL on Dominican Republic trip with children / Headline Surfer®Lisa Gailey's daughter, Jacqueline with children in Dominican Republic trip / Headline Surfer®Lisa Gailey of DeBary traveled to Dominican Republic with her children to bring school supplies / Headline Surfer®Photod for Headline Surfer® /
Lisa Gailey of DeBary, wife of County Council District 5 candidate Rich Gailey, spent eight days in July on a 'New Missions' trip to the Dominican Republic to bring school supplies to children. Lisa Gailey, 46, is shown with the married couple's children, Jacqueline, 15, and Ricky, 13, sitting on the front row with a sponsor child. In the middle photo, Jacqueline Gailey, hangs out with the children her age. In the near photo, Dominican children do art projects with their new school supplies.

Lisa Gailey, a full-time dental hygienist, recently returned from a "New Missions" church trip with her children in the Dominican Republic for eight days in July with school supplies earlier this year, but without her husband, who has committed himself to the campaign full time.

She said Rich Gailey's priority, if elected, is to work on ways to help develop job creation that so that not so many of the adult-working population in his district -- Deltona, DeBary, Enterprise and Osteen, can work closer to home as opposed to crossing the St. Johns Bridge into Seminole County to work in communities like Sanford and Lake Mary and in Orlando in Orange County.

"He's hoping to bring more businesses here locally," she said, so they don't have to travel as far, which she stressed is important for family togetherness. Deltona ranks among the highest communities nationwide for divorces.

Gailey's confident her husband of 19 years will fare well in Tuesday's primary.

Editor's Note: Please click the video to see the full segment and why Lisa Gailey believes her husband has a viable campaign for County Council district 5.


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Rich Gailey is shown with his wife of 19 years, Lisa, and their two teenage children.
• Rich and Lisa Gailey have been married for 19 years. They have two children, Jacqueline, 15, and Ricky, 13.
• Rich Gailey, 47, first ran for County Council district 5 in 2012, finishing second among three candidates in the primary, before losing to Patricia Northey, in the November runoff, with the incumbent garnering 60.55% of the vote.
• Gailey is a candidate in Tuesday's primary for the same seat with fellow candidates Fred Lowry, Jr., and Phil Giorno. Northey, term-limited in district 5, is running in the at-large County Council seat against incumbent Joyce Cusack of DeLand and fellow candidate Webster Barnaby, a fist-term Deltona city commissioner.
• Headline Surfer® has endorsed Gailey for the primary with Giorno as a secondary option.

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