Threats or intimidation won't deter journalism mission

I received an e-mail in my yahoo account and a second one in the readers forum section of that I consider a nasty threat.

The Yahoo e-mail read: Henry, Mark my words. I gave you a good tip before. I know what's going on in ways you will never realize. I can see the future. You are doomed.

It was signed by someone using the handle of a gun manufacturer. 

The other message on the forum was milder.

I know that people in New Smyrna Beach are tired of bullying and inuendo that comes from another local Web site, in particular, where leading citizens are humiliated and unsubstantiated statements and half-truths are made. I understand and respect the right of free speech, but when IP addresses are blocked and people can't respond then it's not right.

We have a forum on that has had a filter. It has been there from day 1. Those wishing to post can remain anonymous or use an alias to identify themselves, but nothing is posted publicly until I check off the authorization allowing the posting. And I've renamed our readers forum "Speak Up!" is successful because of hard work and hardcore journalism, not inuendo, threats and vindictiveness. There is no axe to grind here.

This is why all nine candidates have advertised here and participated in our sponsored debates. serves a vital public purpose in greater New Smyrna Beach. We cover the City Commission meetings, complete with video presentation highlights. We have daily news of record: Biths, deaths, marriages, arrests, jail dockets.We cover most, if not all major weekend street festivals. Our strengths are breaking news, in-depth reporting and community blogging.

We hold elected officials, those seeking pblic office and those who speak out in public accountable, but we don't humiliate those in the public eye for the sake of sensationalism.

Since April of 2008, we have provided a daily voice for a media-hungry public. People are starting to take notice, and that includes advertisers. In this economy, especially, we all need to work together to help each other.

There are plenty of local media choices: The weekly Observer newspaper, the weekly Hometown News, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, WSBB a.m. radio. And, of course, We pride ourselves as being environmentally friendly (no newsprint) and totally free. We are the only exclusive on-line daily newspaper in Florida and among the few in the country.

Not only can you get the news from us, but we're bringing it directly to you in the form of e-mail alerts (when you sign up) and so far more than 5,000 of you are doing just that. Also our daily "hits" counts are growing to the point where we are averaging well over 1,000 daily. The video presenations on the debates have been our most popular to date with as many as 2,000 hits daily when we first posted them last week. will continue to evolve and report the news with facts and integrity at the forefront, regardless of threat or intimidation.









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