Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood sends email with implied threat to Headline Surfer after an inquiry as to whether he secured a PR job for a married woman during an alleged affair

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood sent an email to Headline Surfer with an implied threat Thursday in response to an inquiry by the award-winning internet news outlet as to whether he secured a public relations job for a married woman during an alleged affair.

Chitwood's email made no mention of the inquiry nor the allegations Headline Surfer listed in a series of questions. Instead Chitwood fired off a personal attack rant directed at Henry Frederick, Headline Surfer's publisher and recipient of dozens of journalism industry awards in print and online.

The rant included libelous statements about Frederick's past employment, described him as returning a second time from death's doorstep and being off his medication (libelous with insinuation of prescribed psyciatric drugs). The sheriff further described Frederick as a "small insignificant worm" who must hate his reflection in a mirror. The sheriff said whoever gives Frederick "the time of day" or responds to him "needs their head examined."

The last line clearly was the most disturbing" with Chitwood stating "Sleep Well!" and ending with his last name and title. The "sleep well" reference followed immediate by his title and last name is taken by Frederick as a veiled threat that belies the last words based on the tone of the overall message. 

A comprehensive story is in the works on the campaign manager, the circumstances of her hiring and why Chitwood doesn't want it reported. It should be noted that Frederick was banned from Chitwood's very first press conference under threat of arrest two days after he took office.