Voting Tally on suggested names for former Port Orange police station

Port Orange Administrative/Administration 21
  Allen Green 14
  City of Port Orange Administration/Administrative 14
  Dr. John Milton Hawks 10
  Building McBuildingface 9
  Port Orange Annex 9
  James Richard Sr. 7
  City Center  6
  None 5
  1395 4
  Bob Ford 4
  Dorothy Hukill 3
  Gateway 3
  Tyler M Parks 3
  City Center Annex 4
  City Hall Annex 2
  DuBois Building 2
  Ken Parker Administration Building 2
  Old Police Building 2
  Port Orange City Hall 2
  Administration building of Port Orange 2
  Administrative Services 2
  Administrative offices of Port Orange 1

After a person's name -- first mayor or whatever prevails -- consider adding "Welcome Center" 


After the last young man to die from our City in the Afghan / Iraq War.

  Alfred "Chip" Hamilton Building 1
  Azalea Pointe Admin building 1
  Big waste of money 1
  Blossom Building 1
  Burnette Building 1
  Capitol Hill 1
  Centerport Building 1
  Centerville 1
  Central Center 1
  Charge House 1
  City Business 1
  City Government Building 1
  City Hall Administration Buiding 1
  David Solana  1
  City of Port Orange Welcome Center 1
  Cloud 9 1
  Commonwealth Hall at City circle Municipal Center of Port Orange 1

COPO Government Bldg. (City of Port Orange (COPO) Government Building 

  David Solana 1
  Dead wood 1
  Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good 1
  Don Burnette Administrative Offices 1
  Donald Trump 1
  Dr. Henry Koert Dubois 1
  DuBois Building  1
  Dunlawcenter 1
  Dunlawton Administrative Building 1
  Dunlawton City Administrative Annex 1
  Dunlawton Disaster Center 1
  Dunlawton Memorial Administration Building 1
  Earth Center 1
  Elliott House 1
  Esther Hawks Building or The Tolliver Building 1
  Galbreath Building 1
  George B. Dexter Building 1
  Golden center  1
  Government Housing 1
  Harold D. Cardwell 1
  Hawks Landing 1
  Hawks RiverCity Government Center 1
  Heart Of Port Orange or Port Orange City Annex 1
  Home for the Mentally retarded 1
  Jay Coufield Thompson  1
  Jim Fisher City Center Annex 1
  John and Esther Hawks Administrative Annex 1
  Lawton Place 1
  Little Trump 1
  Live Oak Center 1
  Merrybeth Schmidt Administration Building 1
  Monte building  1
  Most underpaid cops ever 1

Name it after an outstanding police, fire department, or City of Port Orange personnel who contributed greatly to the city. 

  Name it for our former long time city manager. 1
  None 1
  Old City Hall  1
  Old city place 1
  Orange Blossom Building  1
  Orange Blossom Center 1
  Orange center south 1
  Orange City 1
  Our House 1
  P.O. Admin Services 1
  P.O.G. 1
  People Helping People Building. 1
  Please don't spend my tax dollars naming a building 1
  PO Administration Hall, City Hall Annex, Administration Center 1
  PO City Services 1
  POAA 1
  POGO 1
  Police Dept as we didn't really need a new one 1
  PoPo Headquarters (Port Orange Police Office Headquarters) 1
  Port Orange over reach building  1
  Port Orange Bastille Portal 1
  Port Orange Cares 1

Port Orange Center of Operations ( POCO) abbreviated ( Port Orange City Offices) 

  Port Orange City Administration Center 1
  Port Orange City Business Center 1
  Port Orange City Center Annex 1
  Port Orange City Government Building 1

Port Orange City Government Center or City Government Center of Port Orange

  Port Orange City Offices 1
  Port Orange City Offices at Dunlawton 1
  Port Orange Civic Center 1
  Port Orange Civil Administration Offices 1
  Port Orange Community Administration center  1
  Port Orange community offices 1
  Port Orange executive suites Port Orange Residents Center  1
  Port Orange Florida City Center 1
  Port Orange Government Administration Offices  1
  Port Orange government offices 1
  Port Orange Hub 1
  Port Orange Multipurpose complex 1
  Port Orange Palms Center 1
  Port Orange professional complex.  1
  Port Orange Public 1
  Port Orange Public Offices 1
  Port Orange Tax Revenue Hospice 1
  Port Orange United Center 1
  Port Orange Youth Center 1
  Port Utility 1
  Proposed Name condensed 1
  Public Utilities & Recreation Administration Facility 1

Red Roof Administrative Offices of Port Orange. or Gateway of Administrative Offices/Port Orange.

  Richardson House 1
  Robert Lee 1
  Ronald Reagan 1
  Ryan Lochte Building 1
  Second Changes  1
  Sell and lower my city taxes and expenses 1
  Serenity 1
  Sesquicentennial Building. 1
  shaky jake and the sinking ship 1

Should be named after a behind the scenes person who has volunteered and made Port Orange a better place, someone who has served on committees, gone above and beyond, someone that would not expect the recognition or honor. I am sure there are some people around that are deserving of that honor!

  Stop wasting taxpayers money on naming of the building!  1
  Support Center 1
  Tall Oaks Administration Center 1
  Tax Payers Oasis 1
  Taxes are too high in Port Orange would be a good name.  1
  The 1867 Building 1
  The black hole 1
  The Bomb Shelter! Lol 1
  The Bunker 1
  The City of Tomorrow Administration Building 1
  The Deceased Historical city founder, service center.  1
  The dirty roof building 1
  The Forgotten One 1
  The Gateway 1
  The Gateway Building@ Dunlawton Ave. 1

The Green and Parker Administrative Center of Port Orange Actually, let's just rename the city to Parker's Port Green. 

  The Hawk  1
  The Hope Building Or The Port Orange Building of Hope 1
  The Jake 1
  The Leslie Knope Conservatory 1
  The Monahan Building 1
  The P.O  1
  Town Office Building 2, The Annex 1
  Tree House 1
  Trump Not-So-Tower 1
  Trump's Empire 1
  We waste your tax dollars.  1
  White Elephant 1


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