Word to anti-Trump protestors: Courtesy goes a long way in exercising free speech

Protestorsd arrested at Trump inauguration / Headline SurferHeadline Surfer photos / Two protestors are taken down by cops at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration near where Dana Dougherty was seated, after blowing whistles and carry on to the detriment of those like Dougherty, who were there to enjoy the historic event.
Dana Dougherty / Headline SurferBy DANA DOUGHERTY
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DELTONA, Fla. -- I believe in free speech. 

I want to state that up front.  But during the swearing in of President Donald Trump, which I attended,  I had to deal with protestors disrupting the experience. 

I was stunned when two protesters illegally blew whistles just a few feet from me and held anti-Trump signs in the seated viewing area.  All the other people there travelled from far distances to enjoy the experience.  The police quickly arrested them right next to my seat as people were trying to give the police space.  They where trying to ruin the experience. 

I got up at 3 am from my hotel to get there and shouldn't I and the other's in the section be allowed to watch it without disruption? These two protesters were rude. 

There were designated sections for protesting, letting people to voice their opinions while people who came far distances to enjoy the inaugural events could truly absorb the events.

There is free speech, but please remember courtesy to your fellow human being.  Voice your opinion, but be considerate of those who were there for the inauguration. 

Dana Dougherty at Trump inauguration / Headline SurferDonald Trump inauguration attended by Dana Dougherty / Headlinew SurferThere is free speech, but please remember courtesy to your fellow human being.  Voice your opinion, but be considerate of those who were there for the inauguration.  

These two protesters had no consideration for others but I saw the Saturday March and that had permits and people had a chance to voice opinions different than mine.  It was organized and the part I saw was civil.  We have different opinions sometimes, but let us voice our opinions in a courteous manner to each other.

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