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Headline Surfer snapshot graphic / This image at far left from June 14, 2008, is illustrative of what Headline Surfer looked like as NSBNews.net, Florida's first 24/7 Internet newspaper, with emphasis initially on New Smyrna Beach, and later with broader coverage through greater Daytona Beach as shown at right.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- NSBNews.net was a dream come true five years ago for a journalist who wanted to report the news and make a difference. Today, it has evolved into Headline Surfer, a hard-charging and multi-award-winning 24/7 digital newspaper accessed around the world.

Florida's around the clock internet newspaper was launched April 7, 2008, with a lot of hard work, some tears and a lot of prayers.

Fast forward five years and it's now under the registered trademark of Headline Surfer, the award-winning 24/7 internet newspaper serving greater Daytona Beach, via HeadlineSurfer.com, along with VolusiaNews.net and NSBNews.net as its access domains.

The emphasis on breaking news, news of record and investigative reporting is presented through a multi-media format with strong story-telling with an emphasis on power reporting, use of photos and snapshot graphics photos and sight and sound through videos. The 24/7 internet newspaper has evolved into a hard-charging digital news source -- its headlines included in the Google News Directories and search engines and accessed by users around the world.

It was the creation of this writer, with financial help from the late Peter Mallory, who made an investment because he wanted to have his own column.

Headline Surfer Publisher Henry Frederick & Multimedia Editor Sera FrederickThe late Peter Mallory / Headline SurferHenry Frederick and the late Peter Mallory founded NSBNews.net in 2008 under NSBNews LLC. Frederick became sole proprietor last year when Mallory retired and re-branded the news site under the registered trademark umbrella "Headline Surfer" with with his spouse, Sera Frederick, continuing in her role as multimedia editor.

Mallory died last June, two months after retiring and giving up his 49% stake in NSB News LLC. But not before winning a Florida Press Club award for blog writing. Five months after his death, this writer was Florida's top journalist with four Florida Press awards -- blog writing, general news writing, public safety reporting and top Internet site with use of social media.

NSBNews.net initially covered New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater and Oak Hill, but soon added VolusiaNews.net as a second domain and started covering more countywide stories. Last year, the newspaper sought trademark status to protect its editorial and advertising properties and came up with "Headline Surfer," with HeadlineSurfer.com added as the third domain.

As Headline Surfer continues its fifth anniversary, it will delve more into the creation and growth of the 24/7 internet newspaper.

But for now, this kicks off Headline Surfer's countdown of the Top 500 stories of the past five years, an opportunity for loyal followers to look back and for newcomers to experience the evolution of digital news from humble origins.

Here is the front page of NSBNews.net from June 14, 2008, split into four sections because it's too long to show vertically.

Award-Winning Headline Surfer Publisher Henry FrederickCountdown of the Top 500 Stories:
Award-winning Headline Surfer Editor/Publisher Henry Frederick is counting down his ranking of the Top 500 Stories throughout Volusia County, as part of the fifth anniversary celebration of the 24/7 Internet newspaper launched April 7, 2008. 

Recap of the Top 500 Stories: 

Henry and Sera Frederick / Headline Surfer500. Celebrating 5 years of covering greater Daytona Beach & New Smyrna Beach with 24/7 internet newspaper
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Henry Frederick is publisher of Headline Surfer®, the award-winning 24/7 internet news outlet covering the Daytona Beach-Sanford-Orlando metro area via HeadlineSurfer.com since 2008. A longtime cops & courts reporter focused on breaking news & investigative reporting, Frederick is among the Sunshine State's most prolific daily news reporters, having amassed close to a hundred award-winning byline stories narly eveenly split in print and digital platforms. Frederick earned his Master of Arts in New Media Journalism with academic honors from Full Sail University in Winter Park in February 2019. He was a metro reporter with the Daytona Beach News-Journal for nearly a decade and then served as a city editor for the Taunton Daily Gazette in Taunton, Mass, while maintaining a residence in Central Florida. Prior to moving to Florida, Frederick was a metro reporter for the Rockland Journal-News in Wst Nyack, NY, for seven years. Headline Surfer was named the Sunshine State's top internet news site by the Florida Press Club in 2018.