Dems' Fake Fairy Tales: Post-election campaign of delegitimization

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Today the Democrats and their media acolytes rage across the political landscape like rabid dogs. Bent only upon destruction they bellow out a fact less phantasm, spinning collusion from moon dust and obstruction from wishful thinking.

Having found just enough to serve as a basis for their structure of exaggeration and lies, they rail without cease against every decision of our President, hoping at least to derail his policies of national salvation and perhaps even to force him from office.

Of course, this is merely an extension of their immediate post-election campaign of delegitimization. First, they attacked the electoral college, then they claimed voter fraud and demanded numerous recounts, then it was Bernie Sanders, afterwards FBI Director Comey. Next they probably would have blamed space aliens for their massive losses at the polls – anyone and anything but themselves and their candidate. Finally the blind pigs found an acorn.

General Flynn talked to the Russian Ambassador and lied about it to the Vice-President. The fact of the conversation was perfectly normal. Flynn was fired for lying. From this the Dems have created the absurd myth of collusion between the President, his campaign and the Russians. After ten months of investigations punctuated by constant leaks, not a single iota of evidence has emerged to support this charge but still the libiots babble on.

Now, despite direct denials from the White House, the fact that the House, the Senate and the FBI are all conducting investigations, a statement by the Acting Director of the FBI assuring that there has been no attempt to obstruct their investigation and the absence of anything but unsubstantiated claims by second and third hand sources, a special prosecutor has just been named.

Some of the less sane Democrats are calling for impeachment. Admittedly, President Trump’s clumsy style makes things easier for his enemies. But upon closer examination, it becomes clear that what the Dems are doing is following a time-honored tactic of the Marxist Left – they are accusing their opponents of doing what they themselves have been doing for years.

Marxism-Leninism in Washington with Dems / Headline SurferHeadline Surfer illustration / The pedigree of Democrats Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton is fittingly akin to failed Marxism-Leninism that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Some of the less sane Democrats are calling for impeachment. Admittedly, President Trump’s clumsy style makes things easier for his enemies. But upon closer examination, it becomes clear that what the Dems are doing is following a time-honored tactic of the Marxist Left – they are accusing their opponents of doing what they themselves have been doing for years.

In my last column, I made the irrefutable case that the modern Democrat Party has become the philosophic inheritor of the Soviet communist party, our nation’s great enemy of the second half of the 20th Century. For over 100 years they have inclined ever closer toward Socialism, but during the eight years of Obama’s anti-American misrule they gave themselves over fully to the advice of the Leninist theoretician Saul Alinsky and the communist team of Harvard professors Cloward and Piven. They have divided the nation via the activities of “community organizers” and misused our own rules and freedoms against the American people.

As the Democrats disingenuously claim that a few conversations constitute a danger to our country, let us consider what the Dems actually did over the past eight years and apply their own logic to themselves.

• They passed over 2000 guns to Mexican drug cartels with no way of tracking them. One of our border guards was killed by one of those very weapons. They refused to enforce existing immigration laws and opened our frontiers to virtually unimpeded entry, which included drug flow.

Using Demlogic (admittedly a contradiction in terms) we can conclude that the Democrats are in league with the drug cartels. Perhaps Republicans should demand their bank records to see how much they have been paid to look the other way. 

• They did nothing to prevent the entry into America of countless thousands of illegals from various nations, a great many of whom now constitute a welfare burden, have committed felonies and have served as recruits for the murderous M-13 gangs.

The Dems claim that 97% of the 11 million or so illegals in our country are not felons. Do the math. Even if these questionable numbers are accepted, that means that we have admitted 330,000 illegal criminals. That is one Hell of a lot of felons.

In several liberal states, illegals are granted special college tuition deals and other benefits not available to Americans from other states. In California it is possible to vote with a driver’s license and the state’s three million illegals are routinely issued driver’s licenses. From all of this, using Demlogic (again an oxymoron) we can conclude that Democrats support criminals, favor illegal non-citizens over Americans and will do absolutely anything to add numbers to their anticipated voter base. Congressional investigation anyone?

•  The Obama Administration and Dem leaders refused to permit their people even to use the term “Islamic terrorism” let alone take action against Muslim nations supporting terrorism. Indeed, Obama negotiated a still unseen agreement with Iran, the largest state supporter of terrorism and our and Israel’s sworn enemy, to fund their terrorist activities and ensure that Iran one day develops a nuclear weapon, while doing nothing to impede their advanced program to develop an intercontinental delivery system for nuclear warheads. Aiding and abetting the enemy is a form of treason, is it not? 

• Obama and the Dem Party threw away our hard-won victory in Iraq by pulling out our troops before the situation there had been stabilized. This created the conditions which enabled the rise of ISIS in that country and provided a safe-haven from which the terrorists could expand into Syria, Lebanon and several other Islamic countries. Other than droning a few individuals and against the advice of his generals, he did nothing to slow their advance until the very end of his second term.

If the result of your policies is the advance of terrorism does that not mean that you support terrorism?  Obama, Hillary and senior Obama Administration officials watched real-time video as our facilities in Benghazi were overrun and our people slain. They would not let our military even try to intervene. Then they lied to the American people and the world for weeks, claiming that the attack was the result of an anti-Islamic video, when they knew with certainty that Benghazi was subjected to terrorist assault.

The Dems still defend Obama’s scummy, lying position on Benghazi. By Demlogic we should conclude that their Party remains devoted to the protection of Islamic terrorists.

The Dems still defend Obama’s scummy, lying position on Benghazi. By Demlogic we should conclude that their Party remains devoted to the protection of Islamic terrorists.

• Then there is Russia, where the Democrats accuse Republicans of SAYING a few things to Russian officials. Let’s look at what the Dems actually DID for Russia.

• Kowtowing to Moscow from the beginning, Obama cancelled our defensive missile agreements with our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic, in a vain hope of appeasing Moscow. 

• Russia seized the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine, an independent nation and UN member state. Then Russia began and continues the gradual absorption of eastern Ukraine into Russia. Obama and the Dems did nothing other than impose a few meaningless sanctions which did nothing to deter Putin. 

• Obama invited Russia into the Syrian Civil War, by drawing a “red line” which he lacked the guts to enforce.

This made Moscow the primary foreign arbiter of the conflict, enabled massive expansion of Russia’s military presence outside of the Turkish Straits, reversed 50 years of successful US diplomacy in pushing Russia out of the Middle East, guaranteed the survival in power of bloody dictator Bashar al-Assad and made possible the deaths of more than 100,000 additional Syrians while driving millions more into Europe where they now pose a major welfare burden and an increasing terrorist menace.

Demlogic would insist that we demand the employment rolls of the FSB and other Russian spy services to see if Obama and Hillary are listed there. 

• Hillary helped negotiate and approve the sale to a Russian company of a substantial share of America’s uranium production while her husband Bill was paid half a million dollars for making a speech to that same company.

Given Hillary’s long and consistent record as a lying, hypocritical, blatantly corrupt serial failure, thief and threat to American national security, the mind boggles at the possible range of investigations which could and should be launched against her and against the money-laundering and influence-peddling activities of the various elements of the Clinton Foundation. Yet the Democrats not only continue to defend her, they are getting ready to support and contribute to her latest scam, an entity called “Onward Together." 

• Hillary’s senior adviser John Podesta has substantial investments and business relations with a major Russian firm closely associated with Vladimir Putin. So does Podesta’s brother. It was Podesta who opened his DNC email files to the Russians by answering an obvious pfishing scam and who virtually guaranteed that he could be hacked by making his account password be “password”. By Demlogic, Podesta is a witting agent of Putin’s Russia. 

Violating a host of laws, oaths and regulations, Hillary exposed national secrets of the most sensitive nature to hacking, not just by foreign intelligence services but by anyone with rudimentary computer knowledge, by maintaining an unsecured private server. For a time this server was stored without supervision in the back bathroom of the private sector company which set the thing up. Demlogic would say this proves that Hillary is secretly married, either to Putin or to Putin’s wife. 

• In addition to the Russians. A substantial pile of DNC emails was apparently given directly to Wikileaks by a DNC employee named Seth Rich. Mr. Rich was shot and killed on the street near his home soon after his role as a leaker was blown. The Washington police call this a botched robbery even though Mr. Rich’s wallet, gold necklace, watch and cell phone were not stolen.

No one is permitted access to the case file. Demlogic would decree an extensive investigation both by Congress and the Department of Justice into Mr. Rich’s death as well as of those of the long line of bodies found in the wake of the careers of the Clintons. Remember folks, there is no statute of limitations on murder.

I could go on, but the point is made several times over. The Democrat Party is and has been led by liars and hypocrites who are daily sacrificing American interests and the prospects for national recovery in hopes of damaging Donald Trump and preventing passage and implementation of his policies for national resurrection. The leftist mainstream media aids them in this effort.

There is only one conclusion possible: The Democrat Party is the enemy of the United States of America.

Stanley Escudero
May 23, 2017
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